Everything You Need To Know About Jeffree Star’s Blood Lust Collection

It’s official. Jeffree Star’s Blood Lust Collection is launching on BEAUTY BAY this Friday and, if you’re anything like us, you’ll already be counting down the days/hours/minutes/seconds until you can make it yours.

(Spoiler alert…) After seeing Jeffree’s third instalment IRL we can confirm that it’s as iconic as we could have ever imagined. It’s dark, it’s dramatic, and we are absolutely here for it. We’ve swatched the shades, we’ve got the tea, and we’re about to reveal all. So, listen up…

The Palette

18 shades. Extreme payoff. Blendable matte, shimmer, and (all new!) wet-look metallic formulas. Meet your latest Jeffree Star obsession. The Blood Lust Eyeshadow Palette introduces a brand-new colour story – and purple is the star of the show. This hexagon shaped palette is everything. Featuring real velvet fabric and a jewellery clasp opening, Jeffree Star’s third baby is as game-changing as his previous. Let’s dive in…

The Shades

Your Majesty – Matte bone white

Take The Crown – Icy metallic lavender

Deviant – Matte lavender

Beauty Sleep – Duochrome gold pink

Wet Jewel – Reflective light pink metallic (brand new formula!)

Royal Pain – Matte warm red/mauve

Dungeon – Matte dark plum

Scandal Water – Matte blue-lavender

Sworn Enemy – Metallic gold-green with glitter shift

Pink Magic – Reflective red (brand new formula!)

Bleeding Heart – Metallic red

Executioner – Black with purple/pink glitter shift

High King – Matte berry purple

Vivid Mood – Matte hot lavender purple

Monarchy – Matte muted brown

Blood Queen – Matte reddish purple

Vile Serpent – Matte hot teal

Betrayal – Purple with duochrome gold shift

The Gloss

Hey glass lips, how are ya? The new lineup contains five new shades that well and truly earn their place as Jeffree’s favourite ever. This sweet-scented gloss can be worn alone or over any lipstick to add more sparkle, more shine, and more drama to your pout.  Shades include:

Lord Star – Fuchsia with blue/purple reflects

Iridescent Throne – Pale icy lavender with blue reflects

Wizards Glass – Bronze with pink/purple and gold reflects

Sorcery – Light peach with pink/purple and blue reflects

Sickening – Periwinkle with gold and pink reflects

The Mini Purple Bundle

You’ve got the nudes, you’ve got the blues, you’ve got the reds, you’ve got the brights, now the Mini Purple Bundle is bringing you eight purple toned velour liquid lipsticks. You know the drill, these versatile shades can also be worn as eyeshadow, eyeliner or, well, however you fancy. Shades include:

I’m Royalty – Matte royal purple

Scorpio – Matte purple toned grey

Virginity – Soft lilac

Blow Pony – Matte neon lavender

Clout – Metallic lavender

Berries On Ice – Berry magenta

Royal Armour – Icy lavender metallic (brand new shade!)

I’m Vulgar – Fuchsia metallic (brand new shade!)

The Mirrors

The launch wouldn’t be complete without some matching Jeffree Star accessories. The Blood Lust Collection will feature two new star mirrors (in soft touch lavender and purple glitter shades) and a purple crown mirror. You’d better believe your collection needs these.

The Straws

Channel your inner Jeffree and stay extra wherever you go by pulling out a purple branded metal straw. These planet-friendly accessories will keep you hydrated from the inside out, so your skin will glow before you’ve even applied your Skin Frost.  Goals.