Everything You Need To Know About Jeffree Star’s Summer 2018 Collection

Get ready to expand your makeup collection with some juicy new Jeffree Star products, because your favourite YouTube star’s highly-anticipated Summer 2018 collection is here and it is so on point for the season. In fact, as Jeffree himself said, “we all have different versions of what summer is, this is the Jeffree Star version”. 

Inside the (limited edition!) collection, you’ll find four Velour Lip Scrubs, eight Velour Liquid Lipsticks, and (the best part) a whole new 15-shade eyeshadow palette…

Thirsty Palette

A combination of ‘different’ but wearable shades (which gives us the perfect reason to justify yet another eyeshadow purchase), ranging from warm corals and metallic neutrals to a bright, matte yellow (finally!). As well as an upgraded (fallout-free) matte formula, Thirsty also includes an all-new metallic eyeshadow formula which Jeffree describes as “an ultra metallic with a little bit of glitter”. It’s basically a loose glitter in pressed eyeshadow form – it’s super soft, applies best with fingers or synthetic brushes, and gives sheer coverage with one touch and full opacity in two – cool, huh?

Shades include: Parched (light matte beige), Tastebuds (light matte coral), Bitch (matte coral pink), Kumquat (matte burnt orange), Stroke (warm matte terracotta), Divine (metallic silver), Filthy Rich (metallic gold), Lick (metallic topaz), Snatched (metallic champagne), Plunge (metallic copper), Subtle (matte cool brown), Quench (matte bright yellow), Submerge (matte bright blue), Splash (matte turquoise), Drizzle (warm matte brown).

Velour Lip Scrubs

Everyone’s favourite supersize lip scrubs have been made up with a suitably summery twist, and once again, Jeffree has nailed it – let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to be drinking pink lemonade on a hot August day? They look, smell, and taste good enough to eat (that’s right, you can lick the sugar off your lips when you’re done applying), and thanks to aloe vera and vitamin E, will leave your lips insanely soft.

Flavours include: Grape Soda, Orange Gummy Bear, Rainbow Sherbet, Pink Lemonade

Velour Liquid Lipsticks

You didn’t think Jeffree Star would release a new collection without some lipstick additions, did you? From wearable pinks to a vibrant blue – and of course, some eyecatching reds – the new lineup of lipsticks fills in the gaps from the main collection with a selection of matte, glitter, and metallic textures. 

Shades include: Thirst Trap (metallic beige champagne), 818 (pastel neon coral), Soft Serve (peachy nude), Huntington Beach (bright teal blue), Yummy (metallic orange glitter), Fudge Pop (warm metallic brown), Cherry Wet (bright pink-red), Coral Fixation (bright neon coral).