5 Hair Masks You Can Leave On All Day

Perks of working from home during lockdown; making decadent lunches, grabbing five minutes of sun in the garden rather than being stuck in the office, jumping on a video call in your unicorn pyjama bottoms… the list goes on. But the best part truly has to be all the skin and body care routines you can take part in while you have no colleagues around to judge you. Want to wear spot cream to the ‘office’? Go for it. A face mask while doing emails? Sure, why not. You can even treat your hair too, and let your tresses live their best life. Here are the top five hair masks you can leave on all day, and wash off to reveal luscious locks in the evening.

Coco & Eve Like A Virgin Masque

You’ve probably seen this Coco & Eve mask all over your favourite skinfluencer’s Insta feed – it’s definitely ‘Gram worthy. But beyond the cute packaging, it’s also an amazing option for dry and split ends. It’s vegan, cruelty, gluten and sulphate free, and is colour safe, too. Using a powerful combo of coconut, fig, shea butter, linseed and argan oil, this treatment deeply penetrates the hair to restore it to its former glory, adding shine while simultaneously healing damaged strands. And because its ingredients are so natural and gentle, you can leave it on all afternoon – just enough time to get those spreadsheets done!

Starskin CocoNuts Nourishing Hot Oil Hair Mask

This is a true upgrade to the hot oil shots favoured by hairdressers of the 90s – Starskin’s take on a hot oil treatment will leave your hair nourished, smooth, and beyond shiny. Simply heat up the mask according to the directions, massage onto the hair, lock in the goodness with a shower cap, and let it do its magic! And the best part? You can leave this bad boy on for hours. In fact, Starskin recommends leaving it on overnight, or all day long – just wash it out when you feel like it. Being pampered effortlessly while you WFH – the dream!

Amika Soulfood Nourishing Mask

Want a nourishing hair mask that won’t weigh your locks down? The Amika Soulfood Nourishing Mask is created from a rich formula that hydrates, without giving you extra weight. And as it boasts lots of hair-loving, natural ingredients – such as jojoba oil and Buckthorn seed oil – you can pop it on and forget about it while you wade through your inbox!

R+Co Palm Springs Pre Shampoo Treatment Mask

Not your typical mask, R+Co’s Palm Springs Pre Shampoo Treatment Mask is actually a foam you spray on hair before shampooing. Packed with natural butters, oils and extracts, it targets dull and despairing hair, and transforms it into a shiny, sleek mane. And because of its super simple, mess-free application technique, you can sneakily spray it on while on that boring conference call, leave it to work its magic, and rinse off in your evening shower.

Matrix Total Results Brass Off Color Obsessed Custom Neutralization Mask

Okay okay, you can’t technically leave this one on all day – unless you want a purple tinge to your hair! But taking the extra effort to time your masking is totally worth it when it comes to Matrix’s Total Results Brass Off Color Obsessed Custom Neutralization Mask. If you’ve been worrying about the fate of your highlights or balayage while you’re without your hairdresser, this mask will come to the rescue. When your ends start turning orange, popping Matrix’s mask on for 5-10 minutes will help neutralise any brassiness – giving you that fresh, cool-toned colour you love – while deeply nourishing hair at the same time. It’s a total lifesaver when a trip to the salon is off the cards!