Which Lelo Vibrator Is Right For Me?

Lelo are the Swedish sexual wellness brand that is ripping up the rulebook on how a vibrator should look like and what is should do. Treating your pleasure as essential to your daily life as a mobile phone or a laptop, Lelo use in-depth technology to ensure that their vibrators are as advanced as they possibly could be. Lucky for us! But with nine wellness products to choose from, all designed to stimulate different areas and give very different sensations, choosing the right Lelo vibrator for you can be a task.

Just from looking at each of Lelo’s vibrators, you know they have been crafted by experts who know very well how to create those feelings we all crave. With a vibrator for every sensation, from internal pleasure to external pleasure, and even dual pleasure, Lelo are really spoiling us for choice. So to help you make this very important choice, here is the lowdown on everything you need to know about Lelo vibrators. We know you’ll find The One.  


What: A double ended personal stimulator

Features: Non-vibrating and waterproof

Is It For You: Ok, so ELLA isn’t a vibrator, but if you prefer conventional stimulation, look no further. The double ended massager has a flattened head to target the G-spot and a thicker rounded end designed for deeper stimulation. Perfect for sexual wellness newbies and for those who just don’t rate vibrations, ELLA is fool proof, effective, and won’t run out of charge.

Sona Pink

What: A clitoral vibrator

Features: Eight speed setting and waterproof

Is It For You: The Sona Pink could be the queen of clitoral stimulation. Designed to stimulate the entire clitoris, even the bits you can’t see, the powerful vibrator uses sonic waves and pulses rather than conventional vibrations. With a smooth, waterproof design that can be used from pretty much any angle, Sona Pink is perfect for helping you explore your vibe externally with eight pulsation settings.

Mia 2

What: A lipstick shaped vibrator

Features: Six settings and waterproof

Is It For You: One of Lelo’s most aesthetically pleasing vibrators, MIA 2 may look conventional, but it’s definitely not. Shaped like a lipstick for discretion, or boujie-ness whatever you prefer, the vibrator is designed to target the clitoris for intense stimulation. The sculpted tip is specifically designed to target the clitoris for fast, intense climaxes.


What: An external vibrator

Features: Six speed settings and waterproof

Is It For You: If you’re on the lookout for something a bit funkier, I think you’ll already know that ALIA may be a contender. The smooth, rounded surfaces are designed to stimulate the clitoris and all the external touch points you can reach. The usual design makes it super discreet (no one is going to guess this is a vibrator) and with six, super quiet pulsation settings, no one is going to hear you using it either.

Soraya 2

What: A dual vibrator

Features: 12 settings

Is It For You: The Soraya 2 may look a little bit intimidating at first glance but it’s actually genius. Designed to offer dual stimulation to both the G-spot and the clitoris, the Soraya 2 is basically a can-do anything vibrator. If you’re already a fan of the rabbit design, you’ll understand why this is a bestseller, if not, give it a chance and thank us later.

Gigi 2

What: A G-spot targeted vibrator

Features: Eight speed and pulsation settings and waterproof

Is It For You: GIGI 2 isn’t a bestseller for nothing! With a raised rounded tip, the vibrator is designed to reach the sensitive G-spot, one of the best areas to stimulate an orgasm. The flattened tip is perfect for giving yourself an internal massage, but if you need that external feeling too, just flip the GIGI 2 around and use the pointed edge to stimulate the clitoris.

Ora 3

What: A clitoral vibrator

Features: 12 vibration patters and waterproof

Is It For Me: Another very unconventional vibrator that can be easily disguised as an Alexa (just in case your mum/sister go rooting). Designed to mimic the effects of a tongue, ORA 2 is the perfect bedside drawer companion for helping you discover all your erogenous zones. The external vibrator uses a firm rotating motion and 12 combination of different vibration patterns to stimulate the feeling of oral stimulation that many vibrators can’t even come close to achieving.

Liv 2

What: A vibrator for the G-spot and clitoris

Features: Eight speed settings and waterproof

Is It For You: We’re starting the game strong here because the LIV 2 is the vibrator that really can do it all. With a medium size that’s perfect for everyone from the beginners to the experts, LIV 2 can be used to stimulate both the internal G-spot and the external clitoris. The super quiet sound (50dB), eight speed settings, and waterproof finish make LIV 2 a top choice for everyone from the secret masturbator (house sharers we see you) to the experimental.

Sona Cruise Cerise

What: A clitoral vibrator

Features: Eight settings and waterproof

Is It For You: The Sona Cruise Cerise kinda looks like the Sona Pink but has the added feature of something very spesh called ‘cruise control.’ The clitoral vibrator has all the features of the Sona Pink – stimulating the whole clitoris, even the bits you can’t see, with sonic waves rather than vibrations – plus Cruise Control Technology which helps to strengthen the sonic waves when the vibrator is pressed to the body, rather than them dying down. A boujie purchase but a very worthy one.