6 Ways To Tailor Your Skincare Routine To Suit Your Lifestyle

Not sleeping? Got PMS? Always in the gym? Our skincare is designed to suit your lifestyle choices. Check out our quick fix solutions below.


When we’re stressed our skin releases inflammatories in skin that triggers increased oil production and can cause breakouts. When skin is stressed it’s less able to recover from acne, so when breakouts occur they tend to last longer and can leave pigmentation. Stressed skin also appears dull and lacklustre, and can be vulnerable to flare-ups and dehydration.


Skin changes throughout the month, but for most of us it’s the days before and during our periods when it’s at its worst. This is caused by hormonal fluctuations of estrogen and testosterone which stimulates oil glands to produce more oil. When this oil clogs pores it attracts dead skin cells and bacteria, leading to sore, under-the-skin bumps that turn into painful acne.


When your body heats up, sweating and producing oil is it’s way of natural cooling itself down. However, excess oils and sweat sits on the skin and creates an environment that encourages bacteria to grow, leading to acne and congested skin. 


You’ll only see results from skincare if you are consistent so it’s important to maintain a proper skincare routine, even when you’re on-the-go. Travelling and visiting a different climate can stress skin out, so if you’re short on space and time you can pare things back, but make sure to include the basics.

Cold weather

When temperatures and humidity drops, skin has to work harder to maintain hydration as it can weaken the skin’s moisture barrier, leading to irritation and inflammation which causes dryness, flakiness, tightness, and sensitivity. Moving from cold weather to the other extreme (central heating and hot showers) contributes to further dryness and irritation.


Consuming a lot of sugary food or alcohol can really affect your skin since sugar is an inflammatory and can cause damage to collagen and other substances that maintain skin health from within. Sugar consumption could well be the root cause behind your breakouts, dull skin, lingering post-acne pigmentation, and loose skin.