This Mascara Will Make People Think You’re Wearing Falsies

If there’s one product I rely on to feel put together (read: alive), it’s without a doubt mascara. Concealer is great and highlighter can work wonders, but no other beauty product really comes close when you need to instantly elevate your look or fake wide-awake eyes in seconds. The thing is, not all mascaras are created equal – something I’ve learnt through the trial and error process of being a beauty editor.  

From brush shape to bristle size, and of course formula, there are so many factors that separate a good mascara from the bad. In my opinion, mascara should never make lashes look subtle and natural. I like my lashes to look as long and full as if I were wearing falsies – just without the faff (and expense) of daily application. When it comes to choosing a mascara, I reach for those with big brushes, long bristles, and jet-black formulas for maximum impact.  

The queen of eyelashes, Lilly Ghallichi just launched her first mascara, building upon her bestselling line of falsies. The Triple X Mascara is designed, of course, to replicate the appearance of false lashes and give that ‘fake real’ effect. Obviously, this appealed to me from the outset since I’m all about volume (which this has x10000), but what really impressed me was its ability to isolate each lash for an effect of overall definition, with a fluffiness rather than looking too harsh. In one swipe you’ll find lashes you never knew you had – so after application your lashes look not only longer and thicker, but like you have twice as many. It even grabs onto all those little wispy ones in the corners, catching them at the base and drawing them out with a strong formula that doesn’t clump or snap off, and keeps lashes looking pert and lifted until the moment you remove your makeup.  

I’m going on record to say that this is a gamechanger. Wear it if you have fair, short, non-existent eyelashes. Wear it if you want the falsie effect – hassle free. Wear it if you want strangers to stop you in the street to compliment you on your lash length – yes, they’re real, thank you for asking.