The Liquid Crystal You Need, According To Your Star Sign

If you’re looking to shake up your makeup look and try something new, why not look to the stars for some personalised advice? Whether you’re a quirky Aquarius looking for something unique, or a trend-setting Sagittarius waiting to experiment, there’s a Liquid Crystal suited to you. 


Aquarians are drawn to eccentric styles and unusual colours. You’ll love the lively, contrasting shift of colours in Fluorite, a blue and purple duochrome. 


Adventurous Sagittarians will love Opal, a cool, silver-flecked lilac shimmer which really makes eyes pop and is versatile enough to use on your lips and cheeks. 


Ever practical and sophisticated, Virgos will be huge fans of Rutile, a bronze shimmer which is perfect for creating the quick and easy eye looks you prefer, in a single wash of colour. 


Leos are drawn to warm, fiery shades so it’s safe to say that Precious Topaz, a rich champagne shimmer, was practically made for you. Use it to add drama to both eyes and cheeks. 


Pisces reach for dreamy, ethereal colours like blue and lilac, so Fluorite (a blue and purple duchrome) will be a favourite for blending creative looks all over the face. 


Capricorns prefer understated classic looks with a twist. Top off your regular nude shadow with a slick of Rutile, a neutral bronze with subtle shimmer. 


Your ruling planet is the Moon, so play up on the night skin vibes and reach for Moonstone, a bright silver shimmer which looks incredible packed on all over the eyelids. 


Geminis can’t go wrong with gold-toned shades that complement their positive and sunny outlooks on life. A few strategic dabs of Precious Topaz (a striking champagne gold) will make your skin glow. 


Eyecatching colours will suit a Librans bright personality. Use Peach Quartz (a vibrant orange shimmer) to accent the inner or outer corners of your eyes. 


As a vibrant fire sign, Aries reach for colour that express their passion and confidence. Peach Quartz (a bright orange shimmer) will provide the perfect finishing touch to enhance any eye look. 


Pretty pastels reflect the personality of Taurus as a spring-born earth sign. You’ll love Opal, a pink-toned lilac with silver shimmer which adds instant definition. 


Sultry Scorpios will more often be found wearing a smoky eye than a single wash of shimmer. Use Moonstone (a sparkling silver) to add drama to your classic dark eye.