Get The Look: Liquid Crystals

Just in time for the glitteriest season of them all, BEAUTY BAY are back with six brand new Liquid Crystal shades, and let me tell you, they’re better than ever before.

Using the Malachite and Pyrite Liquid Crystals, pro-MUA, Beth Painter, shows us how to get our crystal-eyes inspo following and Christmas party prepped.

Step One

Prime the lids by mixing Anastasia Beverly Hills Mini Eye Primer and NABLA Close Up Concealer and pat on with a fluffy brush.

Step Two

Apply Space Queen from Melt Smoke Sessions through the crease, keeping it on the outer edge before building up to the outer corner. Make sure you’re keeping the colour deep and avoid losing any of the pigment.

Step Three

Using a fluffy brush, apply Tequila from the Sample Beauty Equalizer Palette above the dark green and blend into the brow bone.

Step Four

Blend Mochi from the Melt Gemini Palette around the outside of Tequila.

Step Five

Using the Melt Gemini Palette, apply shade Fire OG to the inner part of the crease and up towards the bridge of the nose.

Step Six

Apply BEAUTY BAY’s Liquid Crystal Malachite across the lid and blend into the crease. Once dry, use a small brush and deepen the crease with Space Queen from the Melt Smoke Sessions Palette.

Step Seven

Take BEAUTY BAY’s Liquid Crystal in shade Pyrite and apply to the corners of the inner eye.

Step Eight

Smoke out your lash line using Bonnie from Melt’s Gemini Palette. Then, using a small brow brush, carve out the outer brow bone using Gravity OG from Melt’s Smoke Sessions.

Step Nine

Blend NABLA’s Close Up Concealer under the eye to create a base for lower lash shadows, then apply Leo from the Melt Gemini Palette across the lower lash line. Apply Smoke Goals and Bonnie (Melt Gemini Palette) over Leo, keeping the shades close to the lash line.

Step Ten

Line your waterline with a black eyeliner and finish your look with mascara on your top and bottom lashes.

Final Look

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