Living My Best Light Has Landed

When it came to planning our next product launch, we looked to you, our customers, and quickly figured out that highlighters are a really big deal for you guys – which is the main reason why we wanted to make our own. Bouncy Beams are the first in our Living Your Best Light collection, which is gonna be all about the glow. We knew we wanted to bring some major innovation as well, which is why we gave the Bouncy Beams a really cool cream-to-powder formula which (literally) bounces when you touch it, increasing the amount of pigment you pick up. 

The formula is buttery and blendable, the pigment is bright (some might say ‘blinding’), and the staying power is seriously impressive – 12 hours of fade-proof wear. There are four palettes, each with four universally flattering shades that work on their own, together, and with whatever other makeup you’re wearing – the magic of the cream-to-powder formula is that it blends easily and in sheer layers that can be built up and don’t look caked on. 

We gave one of our favourite makeup artists, Gloria McGlashan, the reins – she did the makeup for the Bouncy Beam campaign shoot and she really loves the products. Like, really. If anyone’s going to know best how to use them, it’s going to be her.


“This luxurious shades in this palette were amazing for creating a really stunning golden spotlight eye. The bouncy texture is super easy to blend onto the lids with your finger. I loved using Ignite on a face fan brush to blend seamlessly all over the collarbones for that coveted glow!” 


“My favourite palette of them all and the one that I would most use on my very fair skin tone. I found all of the tones to be super wearable – they have that dreamy, champagne finish that really enhances skin. The cream-to-powder texture and the cool hue of the highlights makes the skin appear wet so I went for a glass skin inspired look.” 


“Glamorous, feminine, daring – you can really make an impact with the Brilliance Palette. These colours give the illusion that the sunlight is hitting your skin, making your highest points pop with a deliciously rich shine. My favourite thing about these shades is that they’re as stunning on the eyes as they are on the face and body.” 


“Ethereal palette is otherworldly in tone. Full of whimsical hues of blue, pink, stark white and lilac. I wanted this look to be very modern and daring. I was inspired by that iconic Kylie Jenner look where she puts an extreme highlight on the inner corners of her eyes – I wanted that area to pop with that frosted lilac!”