12 Times Lizzo Was The Ultimate Makeup Inspiration

If you’re not already on the Lizzo hype, get ready to be as obsessed as the rest of us. Not only has she given the world a stream of millennial ballads, but she’s also become our makeup muse thanks to her iconic Instagram looks. 

Read below for all the times @lizzobeeating was the ultimate makeup inspiration. 

We love that fresh, bare faced look as much as the next person, but, as we assumed Lizzo has managed to take a nude shadow and a glossy lip to new heights. We’ll be recreating this with the BEAUTY BAY EYN Nude Matte 9 Colour Palette

Lizzo’s embrace the pink and purple Barbie vibe screams BDE to me, but I’m. Here. For. It. Grab yourself a Dominique Cosmetics Berries and Cream Palette, get to work on that purple shadow and let Revolution Pro’s Lipstick Collection Pinks get to work on the lips. Purple hair dye optional. 

This energy is so contagious! Rocking another uber glossy lip and the shorts that dream are made of, Lizzo is also giving us eyeliner flick envy and new inspo for the By BEAUTY BAY Liquid Crystal Eyeshadow

This look has so many elements we need to talk about. First of all, that glowy skin. What serums are you using, Lizzo?? Second, that daring black shadow. 10/10. Third, that dress. Magnifique!

I’m so invested in every part of this image. Especially, blink and you’ll miss it, that peachy blush! When you find a blush that is this perfect on your skin, you really gotta roll with it. And yes, those double blue and black flicks are also sensational. 

Sunset hues never get old, ever. Especially when they involves contrasting orange and pink. But, it’s the graphic under eye liner which is the real star of this show. We think this is the work of our OGs, Suva Beauty Hydra FX. 

This is glowing skin, but at whole new level. Once you’ve nailed you au natural look, everything else just comes easily and Lizzo is testament to that! If you need to up your glow game, we recommend Linda Hallberg’s Infinity Glass. 

We’re big fans at BEAUTY BAY of a low-key base and a one shade eyeshadow for a long time, but after seeing this picture, we’re also huge fans of turquoise. The perfect ‘I don’t want to make an effort, but I still need eyeshadow’ look. 

All these bare faced looks are KILLING me! That subtle gold eyeliner is ideal for drawing attention to your eyes on such a simple (but effective) look. We also know that beauty freckle too well; Lizzo is bringing that old Hollywood look back with the help of Freck Faux Freckle Cosmetics Neutral.

Big lashes, dramatic flicks, a dark lip and bombshell curls: this is the classic look that anyone can pull off. But take your inspiration from Lizzo and create a deep plum ombre lip paired with a neon dress. It’s all about that contrast. 

I’m getting serious mermaid vibes from this whole look. The glowy, peachy skin, the long purple hair and the coral shadow with a yellow accent. As long as you have the sass to match this picture, you’ll have no problems owning this look. 

This picture screams that iconic ‘I woke up like this’ attitude, and we think the eyeshadow has a big part to play in that. The outer fade of the blue shadow against the rosy, matte base is everything you need for the ‘how to look like a popstar’ makeup portfolio. 

All images used in this article are owned by @lizzobeeating.