These Skincare Hacks Have Saved My Skin During Lockdown

Lockdown sucks, but we’re all in this together – and it’s important we stick it out. And while we (sadly) have more time inside than ever, now’s the best chance to switch up your skincare routine and try out those products you’ve been hoarding at the back of your cupboard. And maybe they’ll come in even more handy than you’d imagine. Here are the best skincare hacks and products for keeping you feeling fresh, and your skin in the best condition possible; even if you’re spending this isolation time in bed, with the curtains drawn, binge-watching Netflix.

Face Mist Throughout The Day

Working from home? It can be easy to get into a mental mess when you’re working from the same place you sleep, are in less of a routine, and don’t have anyone to chat the general office rubbish with. While working from home used to be considered a treat, it can become a real slog when you’re in it for the long haul. There’s lots of little things you can do to help the situation, like taking regular breaks, working from an area that resembles a desk as much as possible, having windows open, and trying to stick to a daily routine. But the other underrated WFH hero? The humble face mist. Keep a face mist nearby at all times, and use liberally. A spritz of cooling mist all over, a few times an hour, not only gives your face regular bursts of necessary hydration, it also perks you up mentally – readying you for another task to tackle. Fancy switching it up throughout the afternoon? Try Mario Badescu’s multi-purpose Spritz Mist Glow trio , and spray to your heart’s content!

Keep Moisturised - Always!

It seems that no matter where you’re working, there’s always various conditions and temperatures your skin has to contend with. Whether you’re in a chilly office with the air-con blasting, or if you’re at home with the central heating cranked all the way up (don’t worry, we won’t tell your tight flatmate), your skin always has something to battle against. The key to happy skin – whatever the conditions – is to keep it moisturised. Slather on a heavy layer of rich moisturiser at night, apply again in the morning, and keep a tube nearby, so you can reapply should you start to feel dry. Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentre is a great, gentle all rounder, that’s perfectly nourishing for those with a drier complexion, but also not too heavy for oily skin types. It also layers up like a dream!

Differentiate Between ‘You Time’ & ‘Work Time’

Whether you’re working from home or spending the days getting all those ‘life admin’ tasks done, it’s important to differentiate between time at home dedicated to Getting Stuff Done, and time for you to chill out. Self isolation can be an amazing way to spend extra time on self care, and develop healthy, mindful routines that will last post-lockdown – plus, not having to commute or spend time in the city air is probably doing wonders for your skin! Why not treat yourself (and your skin) to a face mask when you finish your work for the day? A day spent staring at a computer screen (and snacking on everything within reach) can take a toll on your face. So why not take up a mini, nightly wellness routine, both to soothe your skin, and to demarcate time between work and play? Try the Freck Foreclay Cactus Face Mask, to draw out any impurities, and then indulge in a little facial massage, using sweeping motions to apply the BEAUTY BAY SkinHit Hydrating Serum.


If you’re tired of TV, and want to read some top tips on getting the best out of your skincare routine, why not check out the rest of our blog for some more inspo?