6 Boujee Products To Add To Your Long Haul Luggage

If you’re a member of the long-haul club, we know your summer getaway is the boujee-est event in your year. A long-haul holiday means one thing: checked baggage, i.e. the freedom to pack the most extravagant beauty essentials without worrying if they’re going to fit in a (very non-glam) plastic bag.

A boujee holiday calls for boujee beauty, and girl, we know you’ve worked hard for this, so enjoy it. Posh Spice is the mood of your getaway, so put the 100ml basics back in the cupboard and indulge your beauty obsession in the products that will give your long-haul hol extra luxury.

Starskin VIP Gold Foot Mask

VIP is all we need to hear. Starskin’s VIP Gold Foot Mask is a very important pack and a must for any boujee babe. Beauty is head to toe, so don’t neglect your feet while you’re jetting off. The foot mask softens feet in 15 minutes, which is about the same time it takes to drink a strawberry daq.

Isle Of Paradise Blend It Gradual Touch Up Stick

Tan lines have become a part of our lives, we don’t want them, but they’re there. Enter Isle Of Paradise’s Blend It Gradual Touch Up Stick! Working on your tan all-day is hard graft, so don’t let a bikini strap put all your good work to waste. Blend your way to an all-over sun kissed glow and leave tan lines in 2018.

Anastasia Beverley Hills Shimmer Body Oil

Anastasia Beverly Hills Shimmer Body Oil is the supreme glow creator for those dusky evening walks. Rich and luxurious, this body oil is essential for a sensual dewy look and is basically a summer evening glow in a bottle. And we don’t need to tell you that the coconut-vanilla essence is the ultimate luxe scent you match your boujee vibes.

Melt Cosmetics Twenty Seven Palette

Sensual nude hues, alluring dusty pinks and shimmers grand enough for royalty: Melt Cosmetic’s Twenty Seven Palette is perfect for creating timeless looks for every holiday occasion. Only a boujee girl would know that a rich gold glitter is appropriate for lying on the beach, or a burnt orange look is perfect pool attire. Lead the way!

The Perfect V VV Cream

Who said boujee is just for your face?It’s needed all over, especially in the bikini area and especially when you’re on holiday. The Perfect V’s VV Cream prevents ingrown hairs by nourishing and protecting the delicate skin. Give your bikini line a long-haul holiday too and avoid razor burns when you’re trying to do nothing.

Jouer Blush Bouquet Dual Blush Palette Cheeky Summer

Full pigment payoff and nothing less, please! When it comes to holiday makeup, it has to be perfect; no one wants their holiday snaps ruined by a bad bronzer. Jouer’s Blush Bouquet Dual Blush Palette Cheeky Summer and their holiday hues will keep your looks fresh and your Insta feed replenished with selfies. The boujee life chose us.