Meet The Vegan Skincare Brand Taking Over Instagram

When it comes to new beauty brands, I look for two things. Of course, my main focus is on what the products do, what ingredients they contain, and whether or not they actually work, but secondly (and secretly) I definitely judge a product by how Instagrammable the packaging is. Luckily for us, the new vegan skincare brand Lovely Day delivers on both accounts.

Taking a modern and advanced approach to skincare, Lovely Day consists of no thrills, ‘does what it says on the tin’ (and seriously eye-catching) products that are made with 100% natural raw materials, but also bears in mind that natural doesn’t always equal good. Rather than fill products with (potentially irritating/ineffective) essential oils, botanical essences, and organic acids, Lovely Day focusses on using good, high-quality, safe ingredients, chosen specifically for their ability to meet your skin’s needs.

With targeted masks that tackle scarring and pigmentation and savvy ingredients like niacinamide and argan oil, to name but a few, Lovely Day is already making waves in the beauty sphere – helped along by the fact that the chic, minimal packaging looks right at home on a beauty blogger’s Insta feed.

I was super excited to see that this mask employs PHAs (the gentlest form of exfoliating acids), which are good for anti-aging and acne. You can feel it go to work instantly and when you take it off you’ll notice the effects straight away. It’s magic. 

I’ve tried enough products to know that the key to good skin lies in a good cleanser. This creamy, milky face wash smells subtly sweet and the ingredients are rooted in science – it uses micelles (yep, just like micellar water) to lift, dirt, grime, makeup, everything(!) from your skin.

I’m a firm believer in masking – it keeps my skin smooth and keeps the breakouts at bay – but sometimes I can get a bit carried away and mask too much. This however is gentle enough to use every night without causing irritation, and my skin has never looked clearer and brighter.

A lot of hydrating serums can be really rich and heavy, and my sensitive skin can’t really handle that intensity. This formula has more of a gel texture so it absorbs instantly without feeling heavy, but doesn’t compromise on the hydration. 

At this time of year my skin is prone to dryness (blame the cold weather and central heating) – but at the same time I still suffer from redness and breakouts. Fortunately this treatment is designed to tackle both – it nourishes flaky patches whilst calming redness and fighting bacteria.

Chemical exfoliation is the easiest way to clear skin without scrubbing it raw. This eases pore-clogging grime out of pores but doesn’t strip out natural oils and moisture (in fact, it boosts hydration). The combination of the two techniques keeps skin at optimum health.