This Swedish Skincare & Haircare Brand Is About To Be The Next Big Thing

There’s a new beauty brand in town and it’s about to take over your Instagram feeds/bathroom cabinets…  

We have Korea to thank for so many of our go-to beauty favourites, but experts are predicting that it’s Sweden’s time to shine in the beautysphere, and if new-to-the-UK Scandi brand Lowengrip is anything to go by, we’re into it. ‘Luxury’ and ‘high-quality’ are not normally terms associated with products for sensitive skin and hair, but the blogger-founded brand has managed it, with a range of fifty Insta-friendly products well worthy of a #shelfie. We predict big things. 

To keep you ahead of the trend (stock up fast!) here are my faves…

Cell Renewal Facial Cleanser

One thing I’ve learned as a beauty editor is that if you can’t afford to see a dermatologist or get regular facials, a good cleanser is one way to give your skin a pro-level treatment without breaking the bank. The Cell Renewal range is one of the closest I’ve found to the products you experience in the hands of the pros. This Facial Cleanser is a great makeup remover, but you can use it in both the AM and the PM – it’s gentle but effective, contains salicylic acid(!), and removes all the nasties without drying skin out.

City Living Facial Mask

Sure, I use SPF and antioxidant serums, but when you live in a city it’s important to adapt your entire skincare routine to defend against environmental damage caused by pollutants. The City Living range is designed to do just that, and I’m obsessed with the Facial Mask because it’s unlike anything I’ve ever tried. Its texture is super luxe – gel-creamy and refreshing, and it’s packed with anti-pollutants. It turns transparent and doesn’t dry, which is rare for a detoxing mask – but ideal if you have dry/dehydrated skin. It always leaves my skin feeling supple and my blackheads and redness less noticeable.

Sleeping Sensation Hydrating Mask

Ideal for thirsty winter (or hungover) skin because it’s soothing, hydrating, and leaves skin feeling soft and refreshed – what makes the Hydrating Mask so special is that it has instant results. My favourite way to wear it is to slap it on 20 minutes before bedtime, then once it’s sunk in, press more on for a second layer of goodness. The first time I used this, my skin was noticeably clearer, brighter, and smoother in the morning. I ended up using it five nights in a row and kept seeing even better results.

Long Lasting Quick Hair Treatment

Hair masks have been my jam ever since I got balayage for the first time last year. I’m obsessed with trying out new ones, and the Quick Hair Treatment is just what I need when regret over colouring my hair kicks in. Made with bergamot, citrus, pomegranate, and bamboo extract, it works wonders on dry, brittle hairtypes that need a bit of TLC. The longer you leave it on, the better – I like to apply it in the morning and rinse it out before dinner on days when I don’t leave the house – buy now, use Sunday.

The Cure Repair & Shine Shampoo and Conditioner

Typically I have to go to a salon to get super silky, bouncy hair, but the Repair & Shine Shampoo and Conditioner are able to recreate the exact result – soft, sleek hair without losing definition. It protects from dryness, enhances shine, and is ideal for coloured hair because it rebuilds damaged hair shafts. I particularly like how it makes my hair smell – like rhubarb and custard. 

Purify My Skin Facial Scrub

There’s no doubt in my mind that regular exfoliation is the key to keeping my skin clear, and as much as I love chemical exfoliants, sometimes all you want is a good scrub. As I have sensitive skin it can be hard to find a scrub that doesn’t trigger a bunch of other beauty issues (namely irritation, dryness, and redness). This product is a complete gamechanger – it’s gently abrasive so makes my skin feel super clean, but doesn’t cause any irritation or flare-ups whatsoever.  

Luminous Bronze Self-Tan Body Mist

My skin is super pale and I prefer to look lightly bronzed, so I use a fake tan almost every week. This is my favourite right now because it’s actually an enjoyable experience to apply – it smells and feels so good that (for the first time in my life) I find myself looking forward to my Thursday tan sessions. Sure the Self-Tan Body Mist is on the pricier side, but if you’ve tried every single fake tan are still haven’t found The One, try this and then @ me when you become as obsessed as I have.