This Serum Can Sort Out Any Skin Problem, No Really

I like to think of serums as the main course of my skincare routine – they’re super-concentrated blends of fast-acting, hardworking ingredients that can penetrate deep into the skin to deliver visible and lasting results.

The thing about serums is that they can very rarely be described as ‘one size fits all’ – most are created with specially tailored blends of ingredients designed to target very specific skin conditions. 

Acne, dry skin, redness…you name it, there’s a bunch of serums out there for it. But maybe you have acne and dry skin? Or you simply want a good all-rounder serum to keep your skin in check? That’s where Mabel + Meg’s Lumilixir comes into play. It’s mainly marketed as an anti-ageing serum – which can be a bit misleading as this is actually one of those rare (and wonderful) serums that works for pretty much every skin type.

Its success (and universal appeal) is down to the fact it has a super simple formula containing two of the most beneficiary ingredients of the skincare world – hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C.

Fun fact: Hyaluronic acid has the ability to hold 1000 times its own weight in water (the appropriate response is “WOW!”), and vitamin C has antioxidant properties that make it as vital for skin health as it is general health.

Together, they tag-team their way to ensuring skin is bright, clear, smooth, fully-functioning, and above all, healthy. Here’s how it will work for you…

Got dry/dehydrated skin?

Because of its ability to hold water, hyaluronic acid is quite obviously an amazing hydrator. When applied directly to the skin, it immediately works to draw in water and help it to stay there. With continued use, this moistens the skin’s surface to alleviate and prevent dryness and dehydration in the long-term.


Got oily skin?

Those with oily skin can be (understandably) scared of applying moisturising ingredients to the skin – the thing is, oily skin desperately needs hydrating in order to balance its moisture levels. Hyaluronic acid-based hydrators like this one have an exceptionally lightweight texture and feel completely weightless, non-greasy, and non-sticky on the skin – oily skin approved.

mabel+meg lumilixir

Got breakout-prone skin?

Vitamin C is a little known superhero when it comes to keeping blemishes at bay – and clearing existing ones. It’s especially beneficial because it’s so great at calming inflammation – reducing swelling and redness – and it also helps to strengthen skin’s immune system which prevents the growth of acne-causing bacteria.


Got acne scars?

Want to get rid of those pesky red marks that stick around after a breakout? Hydrated skin is healthy skin, and if skin is healthy it can heal faster and better – which makes using a hyaluronic acid based serum like this one a complete no-brainer. The Vitamin C also plays its part as it gently exfoliates skin – this helps to fade the lingering pigmentation and discolouration left behind by breakouts. 


Got skin that’s showing signs of age – wrinkles, fine lines etc?

Hyaluronic acid’s moisture binding properties make it especially effective when it comes to anti-ageing. As we age, skin loses the ability to attract and hold the right amount of moisture – this results in looser, thinner skin, which creases easily and forms wrinkles. As hyaluronic acid increases moisture content, it plumps the outer layers of skin, so they look softer and smoother. 


Got dull skin?

No skin-brightening routine would be complete without Vitamin C, which is renowned for its ability to treat uneven skintone and the dark spots that cause skin to appear dull. It works by triggering the skin’s natural regeneration process, helping your body to shed damaged cells and replace them with new ones. What’s more, vitamin C helps to prevent melanin production – preventing more dark spots from appearing.

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