How To Apply Makeup for Your Eye Shape

Struggling to get to grips with your eye shape? If you’ve got hooded or monolid eyes, you’ll know it can be extra difficult mastering a winged liner, or the perfect smoky look. We’ve tackled the most common ‘problem’ eye shapes to give you some key tips for a gorgeous finish every time.

Hooded Eyes

With an extra fold of skin that hangs over the crease, hooded eyes can appear smaller and can hide a lot of eye makeup. To counteract this, blend darker shadows out of the crease to create the illusion of a bigger eye shape and ensure that makeup is visible when the eye is open. In addition, apply liner close to the lash line to enhance lash volume and add definition to the eye.

Prominent Eyes

Prominent eyes have a deep set crease, which naturally creates a larger lid space. Whilst this might not be your favourite feature, we see this as a good thing: you’ve got more area to play with! With a larger eye shape you can really work a dark smoky eye and a dramatic eyeliner too. Darker shades can help make the eye look a little smaller and balance your overall look.

Monolid Eyes

With little to no crease, monolid eye shapes can prove difficult to contour. The flattened shape means that brow bones can lack definition, but this can be countered by a carefully crafted gradient. Apply the darkest hue at the lash line and gradually get lighter in tone up towards the brow bone for a flawless ombre effect. This will give the illusion of depth and looks pretty, too. Finish with perfectly curled lashes to further open the eye.

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