7 Reasons Why You Need Makeup Revolution’s Fast Base Foundation Stick

Makeup Revolution already won our hearts with the incredible Conceal & Define Concealer – in fact, everything we’ve tried from them has impressed us – the products are seriously affordable and consistently good quality. When they launched Fast Base Foundation Stick earlier this year, we were blown away again – as was every YouTuber, Instagrammer, and beauty obsessive to get their hands on it. Here’s why. 

#1 The coverage is insane

This is number one because it’s the reason this foundation has become such a HG product in the beauty community. Seriously, if you struggle with masking redness, scarring, or breakouts, this will cover anything, completely – including any colour correctors you apply.  

#2 It only costs £5

Yep, that’s right, pick up this foundation and you can justify spending more on your eyeshadow/lipstick/mascara.

#3 You only need to apply one layer

Which means this foundation will last much longer than you’d expect it to. What’s more, it blends seamlessly into skin, so minimal brushwork is required. 

#4 It's surprisingly lightweight

Despite being insanely pigmented, this feels completely (and surprisingly!) weightless on skin. Most foundations fail to strike this balance, but this one really is the best of both worlds. 

#5 It comes in 18 shades

From very fair to very dark (and everything in between) Revolution famously caters for all skintones and undertones, and this foundation is no exception – so you’re bound to find the perfect match. 

#6 It's easy to use

It’s a swipe-on stick which is perfect for applying on-the-go (no dispensing onto the back of your hands required), and it doesn’t count as a liquid when you travel without hold luggage so it’s the ultimate travel-friendly foundation. Win, win.

#7 You can use it to contour

That’s right, pick up one a few shades darker than your regular foundation and one a few shades lighter, and you’ve got all your contouring requirements sorted. After you’ve done your base, wipe the darker shade into the hollows of your cheeks, on your temples and down the sides of your nose, and blend. Then, blend the lighter shade onto your cheekbones and down the bridge of your nose. Because it’s the same formula as your foudnation, it’ll blend seamlessly.