Your 2020 Taurus Beauty Horoscope

Taurus season is here and it’s time to take a breath and (try) to relax. We’re all going through a really strange time right now, and the crazy Aries month that has just passed has probably left you feeling a little bit exhausted. 

As an Earth sign, steady and reliable Taureans thrive off grounding energy and have a positive outlook on day-to-day life. Known for being hardworking, but equally as willing to take time for themselves and chill out, there’s qualities within a Taurus that we could all do with adopting. We’re probably never going to have as much time to really focus and reconnect with ourselves as we do right now, so take some time out, take a step back, and focus on what makes you feel good. 

Check out our monthly horoscope below based on your zodiac sign.


It’s your time to shine, Taurus! Your season is here and it’s about embracing all the best bits of you. Do what you do best and stay grounded, positive, and calm – this energy will see you through this turbulent time. Seeing as it’s your birthday month, why not treat yourself to something boujee? The Foreo Luna 3 is at the top of our wishlist.


Gemini season is just round the corner, so use the month of Taurus as a time to rest up and prep for your upcoming birthday celebrations. If you’re a true Gemini, you’re all about looking your best and trust us, it’s all in the prep. Stock up on face masks and tan, and start planning out your birthday looks. Invest in the Sand & Sky Pink Clay Smoothing Body Sand to get your skin super soft and prepped for that glow.


Just like Taureans, Cancerians like taking time to relax. Since spending so much time at home, many people have found their love for baths all over again. Light a candle, run a warm bath, add some Elemis Skin Nourishing Milk Bath and relax.


Being one of the most energetic signs, chilling out in true Taurus fashion may not come easily to most Leos. Harness that energy and channel it into something that will help you feel (and look) your best during these uncertain times. Spend your time and energy on finally mastering yoru 10-step skincare routine. From cleansers to serums, and moisturisers to masks, The Ordinary’s got you covered without breaking the bank.


Like your fellow Earth sign, Virgos are quite happy to have some downtime at home. Take the opportunity to use this time to get organised, in true Virgo fashion. Sort through your beauty stash, getting rid of anything that’s out of date or donate unwanted items to beauty banks. Once you’re all sorted, use the Isoclean Makeup Brush Cleaner to clean every single makeup brush you own. You’ll feel so good afterwards.


Fun-loving Librans always manage to find the positives in every situation, and they’re the masters of experimentation and self-love. Make time for me-time and purchase the Smile Makers Millionaire to give a boost of positivity. It is International Masturbation Month after all!


Scorpios, if you’re fortunate enough to be on lockdown with some of your loved ones, make the most of that time and have a pamper session together. Sheet masks are always a quick win when it comes to a pamper night, so get stocked up and reap the benefits. The Holika Holika Cica Dressing Mask and Dr. Jart + Shake and Shot Rubber Masks are some of our faves.


Sagittarians are all about spreading the positive vibes, so whilst you have more time to yourself, instill some of that positivity in your own life. Establish a full wellness routine from facial massage to soothing body care. One of the key principles of wellness is believing in the power of a good night’s sleep. The BeYou Pillow Spray is the perfect mood-setting scent to help your drift off into a calming sleep.


For Capricornians, this month is all about finding pleasure in the small things. There are few things as satisfying as a freshly painted set of nails, so whilst you can’t make your appointments, try out some DIY nail art at home. Sample Beauty have got every nail polish you could possibly need in a long-lasting powder formula. We’re loving the shades You’re Too Sweet and Serve.


Aquarians, just because we’re on lockdown it doesn’t mean you can’t still show your fun side. Do what you do best and master the perfect coloured liner for your next zoom call. Suva Beauty Hydra Liners are our all time faves, especially Lustre Lilac and Keanu Leaves.


For the sign that can feel emotions the most, this might be a rough time for Piscean. Although we can’t head to the spa for a massage, performing your own mini facial at home can include tension-relieving face rollers like the Mount Lai Jade Facial Spa Set. Roll out all that tension from the jaw and shoulders – you’ll feel refreshed and relaxed in no time.


Although chilling out might not be your forte Aries, your crazy whirlwind season has just been, so maybe it’s time to take it down a notch. To keep yourself busy, why not embark on a new project? Try mastering one of those makeup looks from your Pinterest boards, and don’t forget to take the selfies! Invest in the BEAUTY BAY Me, Myself and MMMMitchell Palette, a palette that does it all from soft and smoky, to bright and colourful.