5 Ways To Get Meghan Markle’s Low-Key Beauty Look

Even before she announced her royal engagement and stepped from Suits to the world’s stage, we’ve had a massive crush on soon-to-be princess, Meghan – mostly because she pulls off a super low-key beauty look, completely effortlessly, and still manages to look perfectly polished. Think: natural dewy skin, loose voluminous hair, sheer pink-nude lips, and subtle smoky eyes. The envy is real

Scroll down for our top tips on recreating Meghan’s low-key look. They might not give you royal status, but they’ll certainly help you look worthy of it. 

Sheer out your base 

Using a Beautyblender instead of brushes (it applies everything from foundation to concealer and even blusher) gives skin a poreless, airbrushed finish – think, ‘my skin but better’. Beautyblenders don’t absorb makeup, so you end up using less product (and preventing cake face!) because you’re using less foundation but getting better coverage. Plus, the smooth surface of the Beautyblender bounces product onto skin with a stippling effect, which prevents the streaks and lines that you get from brushes, and helps to sheer out even the thickest foundations. 

Go all-natural 

Meghan’s former makeup artist recently reported that the soon-to-be princess is a big-time fan of all-organic makeup line, RMS Beauty. The brand is famous for its coconut oil-based highlighter, ‘Un-cover Up‘ concealer, and multipurpose cheek and lip tints. The Lip2Cheek tint in particular is perfect for adding colour a la Meghan – you don’t often see her with bright lipstick or bold contour, but her barely-there lip look and gently flushed cheeks are always perfectly matching… 

Use concealer instead of foundation 

Meghan likes her natural skin and freckles to show through, so thick foundations are a big no-no in the royal makeup bag. Instead, use a brightening concealer to cover the areas that need it, and blend it with a Beautyblender, of course. One of Meghan’s top tips (especially if you happen to be filming a major scene of Suits at 3am) is to dab a small amount into the inner corners of your eyes to look bright-eyed and wide-awake. 

Perfect the hair flip 

There’s a reason why Meghan’s hair always looks so good – and you’ll be pleased to know it doesn’t involve 653749774 products and a personal hairstylist. In a recent interview, Meghan revealed that when her hair is looking flat, she flips it forward, sprays texturising spray into the roots and lengths, then flips it back to give hair instant lift and movement. 

DIY a facial massage 

Meghan reportedly spends between 2 to 20 minutes a day practicing face yoga – a combination of facial exercises and massages which strengthens and lifts face muscles, relaxes tension, and boosts collagen production. The result? Over time it helps to define your jawline and cheekbones, and it gives skin an immediate fresh-faced glow. If you have time to kill in front of the TV, be your own facialist – all you need is a face oil