How To Do Tik Tok’s Trending Twist Hairstyle

Looking for a new way to spice up your half up-half down hairdo? Same here. As seen all over our second fave app, Tik Tok, (the first being BEAUTY BAY- obviously) this effortlessly cute, middle parting twist style is so much easier to create than it looks.

Follow @jadamaridanielle’s tutorial below for an easy-to-follow technique. 

Step one

Section off a piece of hair on one side of your head and tie with an elastic.

Step two

Pull the ponytail through the top part of the elastic.

Step three

Repeat this step a few inches below your 1st elastic with a second elastic.

Step four

Tease the sides of the ponytail.

Step five

Repeat this on the other side of your head.

You'll need: