We’re Obsessed With… This Spray-On Face Tan

The Mine Tan Rose Water Facial Mist should be every self-tan users best friend. I’m naturally pale and have areas of uneven skin-tone and this product not only gives me an incredible golden glow (just look at the photo – I’m usually pale as a ghost!), it helps to even out my skin tone and cover areas of redness. 

I bought this on a whim after running out of my usual tanning drops and I haven’t looked back. The mist makes it SO easy to apply, no dreaded tan-hands and it’s always streak-free. I apply my usual PM skin routine and then spritz it over my face and neck, letting it dry before I get into bed. 

Added benefits are that the mist is also a great hydrator, it never breaks me out (and I have acne-prone skin that breaks out very easily) and it smells delightful, so it’s a very welcome addition to my skincare routine. 

By Chloe Wise, Influencer Marketing Manager