We’re Obsessed With… Mine Tan’s Tan Eraser

Have you ever got to Thursday and realised that your skin looks a lot like tiger bread? Join the club. As an avid weekly tanner, the worst part of my week is without a doubt, the frustrating removal of last week’s fake tan.

For me, my tan always likes to cling on specific areas like my under arms, knees, wrists and elbows and of course, I could just keep up with my moisturising routine to eliminate this stage of my tan but alas, I never do. That’s where the Mine Tan Tan Eraser came in to save the day.

Before trying this product, I was very sceptical. I must have tried every single DIY process to try and remove old and stubborn fake tan, and by tried, I mean tried and failed. Nothing ever seemed to work, and I was left with red-raw skin after scrubbing for hours on end- so not ideal.

Using this Tan Eraser was super easy, actually easier than applying the fake tan in the first place. I applied a generous amount to every single square inch of my body and left it on for about 5 to 10 minutes (in the bathroom, alone, with the door locked of course). After my timer went off, I jumped in the shower and used an exfoliating mitt to remove the product, and the tan underneath. 

To my surprise, my old, patchy fake tan scrubbed off like a dream, and I definitely didn’t have to use as much force as would usually need to with my exfoliator, which my skin was definitely happy about. I used a shower gel to help the process along and in less than ten minutes, I was once again a blank canvas.

If you’re a die-hard tanner and like me, struggle to remove it, this tan eraser needs to be on your radar- it’s definitely worth the hype. 

🍊 before and after 👻