5 Reasons Why You Need Missha’s Perfect Cover BB Cream

Our latest Korean beauty obsession has just launched and trust us, it’s good. Missha is a brand that focuses on high quality products with ingredients that make a difference. Their Perfect Cover BB Cream was one of the first of its kind to launch and has since gained an impressive level of popularity. Hailed as one of the greatest BB creams, we’ve rounded up the reasons why you need to add this to your bag right this second.

1. It's high in SPF

We all know by now just how important it is to include SPF in our daily skincare routines, for a long list of reasons. Even on a cloudy day, UVA rays can wreak havoc with our complexions by speeding up signs of aging, increasing hyper-pigmentation, and in the worst cases, causing skin cancer. We love a multi-tasking product that can make our lives easier, and Missha’s Perfect Cover BB Cream contains SPF 42 to protect your face whilst providing coverage.

2. It's Korean

There’s a reason why K-Beauty is so popular and that’s because it’s super focused on the health of your skin, which enhances your natural beauty in the process. Missha’s Perfect Cover BB Cream holds many of the traits that makes Korean skincare so good. The skin-first philosophy of the cream means that skin is nourished whilst still looking flawless. It also contains natural but effective ingredients such as rosemary and chamomile that help to calm skin and restore balance to your complexion.

3. It was one of the first BB creams

It’s a well-known fact that Korean brands have always been ahead of the game when it comes to skincare developments. BB creams have only come into popularity in the western beauty market in recent years, whereas they have been a staple in Korean beauty routines for a lot longer. Missha’s Perfect Cover BB Cream was one of the first of its kind and has maintained popularity ever since. Focused on combining makeup with skincare, its soothing and regenerative properties are what makes it so beneficial to your skin.

4. It provides flawless coverage

The Perfect Cover BB Cream provides a flawless medium coverage, which masks imperfections without being too heavy. The hydrating properties of the cream create a glowy, dewy finish – perfect for the ‘hardly there’ makeup look. Think your natural skin, on a good day. The lightweight formula of this BB cream means that it’s ideal to be worn alone or can even be used as a base for foundation.

5. It's super moisturising & nourishing

Containing hyaluronic acid, Gatuline RC and ceramides, Missha’s BB Cream helps to infuse moisture for firmer, healthier looking skin – we’re really struggling to find any reasons why not to buy this right now.

Gatuline RC works to restructure skin and reduce signs of aging, whereas ceramides help to form the skins barrier, which in turn helps skin to retain moisture whilst protecting against environmental aggressors like pollution. And we can’t say enough times just how good hyaluronic acid is for keeping moisture locked into the skin. Don’t forget: hydrated skin = healthy skin.