4 Models Share Their Beauty Secrets

Working as a beauty model means that you’ll be experiencing the latest makeup looks and trends, as well as picking up hints and tips along the way. During one of our latest campaign shoots at BEAUTY BAY, we took the opportunity to ask four models what their beauty secrets are and what they have learned from being in the industry.

What are some of the best tips and tricks that you have picked up from being on shoots?

Sylvia: I like to wear a lightweight foundation that shows off my natural skin tone and texture – I don’t like anything that’s too heavy. I feel like my features suit a more natural makeup look, so I prefer to look less ‘made up’.

John: This is actually my first shoot today! The main thing that I have learnt so far is that it’s important to have confidence. Make sure that you feel relaxed and comfortable – that way, you’ll end up looking your best in the shots and getting the best images.

Jin: I’ve learnt how dusting some highlighter on your cupid’s bow can really transform your face. It helps to give you a natural, subtle glow, whilst also giving the illusion of fuller lips.

Herbert: I love contouring! So for me, learning how to contour and using different techniques is something that I have learnt from shoots. I literally watch YouTube tutorials every day on contouring – I am obsessed with Jeffree Star!

What are your favourite beauty trends that you love to wear IRL?

Sylvia: I prefer a more natural makeup look so I don’t really wear too much makeup, but I do love wearing blush on my cheeks for a delicate finish.

John: My favourite beauty look at the moment is the glass skin trend. I love the glow that it gives to your skin and how it makes you look flawless. 

Jin: I’m really into the fresh-faced beauty look, so I tend to have a more natural approach to my own makeup. I focus on enhancing my features and natural beauty.

Herbert: To be honest it depends on my mood! Some days I like to have more of a fresh-faced look, and other days I might go for something more colourful. There’s nothing I love more than a statement eye look that’s seamlessly blended.

What are your go-to beauty products?

Sylvia: A BB Cream is my go-to to achieve a more natural makeup vibe.

John: It has to be foundation! It creates the perfect base for the rest of the makeup.

Jin: For me, my go-to has to be highlighter simply because of the glow that it gives to my skin. I prefer a cream formula as I find that it melts into my skin.

Herbert: Bright eyeshadows are my favourite – I’m in love with the Me, Myself & MMMMitchell Palette.

Where do you get your beauty inspo from?

Sylvia: I tend to take most of my inspiration from Japanese and Korean makeup and trends, as I prefer that kind of look. 

John: I find most of my inspiration in places like magazines and on social platforms such as The Little Red Book.

Jin: For me, social media is the best outlet for inspiration. You can learn so many different things and find so much inspiration from social media, as well as it allowing you to follow a variety of influencers that you can engage with and learn tips and tricks from.

Herbert: I love Instagram and the makeup accounts that you can find on there. I feel as though they have really raised the bar in beauty by giving people a platform to display their creativity. The bloggers and influencers are not just making up, it’s like an art.

What is the best part of your job?

Sylvia: Being a beauty model is a new experience for me, but an exciting one! It’s a way for me to try different kinds of makeup and looks that I wouldn’t normally choose for myself, which pushes me out of my comfort zone.

John: This is actually my first experience as a model and I’m loving it! It is helping me to learn how to be confident and feel more comfortable around people.

Jin: It’s nice having your makeup done for you! And I love working with lots of different makeup artists. Different MUAs create completely different looks and do makeup that you wouldn’t have necessarily tried on yourself. It’s great to try out new things and see how it looks.

Herbert: The best part about my job is learning skills from the professionals on set. When makeup artists do my makeup it makes me feel like a STAR.

How do you keep your skin looking so flawless?

Jin: It’s really important to have a good skincare routine. Good skin is the base to good makeup, so you need to make sure that your skin is clean and fresh.

Herbert: Masks! I make sure to use a mask every other day to take care of my skin.

What’s your top piece of beauty advice?

Sylvia: Take care of your skin and use makeup to enhance your natural beauty!

John: Before using makeup it’s important to prep your skin properly! Applying masks and having a good skincare routine makes your skin the best base it can be for your makeup. Make sure to choose the products that suit you and your skin type.

Jin: Just be confident in yourself! Don’t follow all the tutorials to the letter. You need to understand what is right for your face and how you should alter your makeup technique accordingly to make it work for you.

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