5 Women Tell Us How They Deal With Their Skin Changing Throughout Their Cycle

Last month we wrote all about how your monthly cycle affects your skin – from increased oiliness during your PMS stage, through to period acne, and the dry skin phase that comes afterwards. If you struggle to know which products to use at different points of your monthly cycle, it’s helpful to work out how your skin acts each day, and reroute your routine to fit in with your changing concerns. 

We spoke to five BEAUTY BAY staff members who’ve tailored their routines to their cycles about the skincare that they reach for at different times of the month. 

“My cycle can be pretty unpredictable. The date that I come on my period changes a lot and it can get really confusing! I also sync up with people easily, especially if we’re close. I can be in the car with my sister for a couple of hours, and it will bring my period forward by two whole weeks – yep, being a female is wild. I have recently downloaded an app where you can input data and it will track your cycle and give you predictions about your mood and how heavy your flow will be. I’ve now noticed that about three or four days before my period starts I’ll get spots around my chin – classic hormones. Around this time I’ll usually use a thick cleanser like Saturday Skin’s Rise And Shine Purifying Cleanser, followed by a gentle exfoliator to unclog my pores like Yes To’s Tomatoes Daily Pore Scrub. When the dreaded visit from Aunt Flo comes, I totally use it as an excuse to treat myself, put on a facemask and chill. My go-to is Freck’s Foreclay Cactus Clay Mask. It dries out any oily patches and the name makes me LOL.”

– Alex, Social Media Executive 

“If you had told teenage me I’d still have skin problems at 26 when I was in my teens I wouldn’t have believed you! I always get cystic breakouts around my mouth and chin before, during, and sometimes after my period. I use Alpha-H Liquid Gold throughout the month and continue using this when I’m on my period for exfoliation. In the run up to my period I also grab my holy grail cystic breakout product – Mario Badescu’s Buffering Lotion. When my period is coming up I put this around my chin area to try and reduce breakouts – it’s great for reducing redness and pain around the area of cystic breakouts. If spots eventually turn white, I’ll then move onto Mario Badescu’s Drying Lotion. When my spots start to clear up after my period and my skin gets a bit drier, I use Saturday Skin Waterfall as this calms, refreshes and hydrates my skin.”

– Jess, Merchandising Admin Assistant 

“I can always tell just by looking at my face that Its nearly ‘that’ time! I get breakouts in the same three places on my face in the week leading up towards my period – chin, above my lip, and on my forehead near the middle of my eyebrows. I’ve recently started to use acids to help when I’m breaking out and I’m loving the results! The texture of my skin has improved drastically after using The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% for about two weeks – as soon as I get in at night, I double cleanse, then use it on my problem areas. Then I apply Makeup Revolution CBD Oil and use my rose quartz face roller to really press the product into my skin before sleeping. I think the combination of face rolling, CBD, and the acid helps reduces the redness and size of my spots and makes them much less painful.”

– Stacey, Producer 

“As a teenager I never suffered with acne and rarely got spots. As I’ve reached my mid twenties the days I don’t find my chin and jawline with a nasty red spot are few and far between. Every month about one week after my period my skin flares up. I used to try all-sorts of lotions and potions in my skincare routine to stop this monthly flare up but I’ve found I need to just keep it simple. Alpha-H Triple Action Cleanser, The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%, a gentle daily exfoliator, and lots of Mario Badescu Oil Free Moisturiser is all I really stick to now.”

– Laura, Onsite Merchandiser 

“During my cycle I notice a huge fluctuation in the dryness of my skin and how many spots decide to pop up to say hello! At the beginning of my cycle, I notice my skin is oilier than usual and I get a cluster of spots on my forehead, in my eyebrows(!), and on my chin during this period (pun intended) – I use the Alpha H Essential Cleansing Balm because it is super gentle and cleanses but doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin. During this week I will use The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution on my problem areas for powerful decongestion. The rest of the month my skin is super dry but with no breakouts, so I make sure I apply Antipodes Moisture Boost Mini Collection every night and during the day Alpha-H Protection Plus Daily SPF 50 which is so lovely and nourishing – it works under makeup or on it’s own, perfect! I use The Ordinary Lactic Acid 10% to make sure my skin well exfoliated throughout my cycle – I’m new to acids but this one of the gentler ones so it’s perfect for my skin.”

– Ailsa, Operations Assistant