A Beauty Pro Tells Us How To Slay This Halloween

Halloween is the one time of the year when you can really go all out with your makeup looks and experiment with different textures without worrying that you’ll look, well, strange. Because hey! It’s Halloween! Every year seems to get bigger, better, and spookier, and here at BEAUTY BAY, we’re so here for all out Halloween. 

Beauty pro and BFF of BEAUTY BAY, @rei.lilith is a seasoned Halloweener with more than enough epic looks under her belt to have some serious tips and tricks that are sure transform your freight night vibes into viral worthy looks. 

See below for @rei.lilith’s advice on how to slay this Halloween. 

How do you prep your skin for Halloween makeup?

As my skin is dry, I always make sure it’s well hydrated, it helps makeup to go on more evenly, not grabbing on any dry patches! If I’m applying any tape or prosthetics to my face I wipe down those areas with rubbing alcohol first to remove any oils and moisture, which helps tape and glue adhere to your skin much better!

What techniques do you use to ensure your Halloween makeup lasts?

Setting with powder, usually translucent since it’s colourless and can go over any colour, is a great way to make any face paint or creamy products last longer, especially in areas that tend to get shiny throughout the day. When it comes to eyes, I always use my favourite eyeshadow base to ensure my eyeshadow not only last long, but also appears bright and saturated! I usually finish off with a setting spray formulated to make makeup last longer. 

What’s the best way to create “wounds” without using liquid latex?

I love using the modelling putty wax to create small wounds like scratches, cuts, or bullet holes, which I then add colour and dimension to with face paint and fake blood.

What are some creative ways to use your everyday makeup for an easy Halloween look?

Our everyday makeup products might be much more versatile than we realise – for example, a red liquid lipstick (that are eye safe) can be used as eyeliner or to mimic a fake blood effect around your lips for a vampire look! Or use your black eyeliner and eyeshadow to add cat whiskers or skull nose and teeth!

What techniques/products do you use to attach gems to your face?

For smaller light gems I use latex free eyelash glue and for bigger gems and other accessories I use spirit gum! Make sure to do a little patch test before applying to your face to make sure you aren’t allergic!

What’s the best way to make your lips/eyebrows disappear?

For eyebrows I usually use either a glue stick or spirit gum to brush my brow hairs up and stick them flat against my skin (you can use hair drier on low heat settings to make them dry quicker!) If your eyebrow hair is darker you might want to colour correct with a peachy or orange/red (depending on your skin tone) before you proceed with concealing them. I set my colour corrector with powder to which I apply high coverage concealer on top and repeat the set and conceal steps one to two times if more coverage is needed. Finish off with a thicker layer of powder, dust off and you should be good to go!

What are some ways you use products unconventionally in your Halloween looks?

As I mentioned previously, liquid lipsticks are a great versatile product (as long as they’re eye safe, or your eyes or skin aren’t sensitive) that can be used in so many ways including eyeliner and small face paint jobs. Cosmetic glitter and most eyeshadows can be applied pretty much anywhere on your face as a highlighter, contour, lip topper etc. Eyeliner is also a great product for any detailed work!

What’s the best way to make skin appear ghostly pale?

You could always use a 1-2 shades lighter foundation, concealer or face paint, no bronzer and a grayish or very cool toned contour. I also love using cool toned highlighters like blue or white to still add a nice shine, but also a pale ghostly hue!

What tips/advice would you give to someone experimenting with Halloween makeup for the first time?

Practice your look at least once before going all the way on Halloween, this will help discover and eliminate any mistakes or techniques you might have not thought of before. Trust the process, a lot of looks look very questionable until the very end!

How do you remove your Halloween makeup?

Double cleanse is a must when it comes to any makeup! Melt your makeup, SPF, and sebum away using oil-based cleanser on dry skin first, emulsify with water and rinse off. Follow up with water-based cleanser to remove any bacteria and old skin. For spirit gum, tape, or glue you can use spirit gum remover or soak these in oil-base cleanser and gently remove them.