These Coloured Shampoos Will Bring Your Hair To Life

Earlier this month, My. Haircare landed at BEAUTY BAY with a selection of shampoos set to turn your hair from basic to beautiful. The idea behind their brightly coloured shampoos is that they will revive and refresh your natural or coloured hair, giving it another dimension that you didn’t think was achievable from inside your own bathroom. There’s everything from a purple shampoo to transform brassy blondes and a copper shade to revive red toned hair, as well as a pink shampoo that can transform blonde hair to a super cute bubblegum pink hue. At BEAUTY BAY, we love to test and try out the latest launches, so we got together some staff reviews that will convince you that you need these shampoos in your life.


“I had a festival coming up, so I decided to turn my usual highlighted blonde hair pink with the Infuse My. Colour Ruby Shampoo. I usually play it quite safe when it comes to hair colour, so this sounded like a good way to experiment without any lasting effects. The first thing I noticed was the smell. Unlike usual hair dyes there was no chemical smell but a fruity scent that was actually really nice. Application was relatively straight forward, but I would say be generous with the amount you use and ensure it is evenly applied across all of your hair by combing through.

I noticed my hair colour change almost immediately but it wasn’t until I dried my hair that I realised how pink it actually was! The bleached parts of my hair were really quite bright but it added warmth to the natural, more darker parts. As I was after more of a baby pink colour, I decided to wash my hair a few more times until I was happy with the result. It lasted for about eight washes before fading out.”

Sarah – HR Manager


“I’ll admit I was sceptical at first, after all these ‘wash in, wash out’ products never work, right? I was pretty blown away with the results of the shampoo. I tried the Infuse My. Colour Quartz Shampoo – it’s a really dark amethyst purple in the bottle but like the description, gives a soft champagne pink effect. My own pink hair has basically turned a white-blonde, but after two washes with the shampoo (the second wash I left the shampoo in my wet hair for around ten minutes before rinsing) I am fully re-bubble gummed. Amazing, and I’d recommend to anyone else with a wilder colour, as there’s so many options available!”

Clare – Senior Customer Service Advisor


“I used the Infuse My. Colour Copper Shampoo the weekend, taking care to pat it evenly all over onto every patch of hair before foaming to get an even application. I probably used about a third of the bottle and then rinsed away. The difference wasn’t huge, but it did give my hair a warmer looking glow and it’s definitely a lot shinier than before! I already have auburn hair so I would imagine if your hair was just brown, it may give a better copper result but on mine it gave my hair a slightly healthier look.”

Rhiannon – Senior Ecommerce Executive.


“I am a self-confessed purple shampoo addict. Every purple shampoo has been tried and tested in my bathroom, and I have the lilac drips across my tiles to prove it. Before the Infuse My. Colour Platinum Shampoo even touched a lock of my hair, I was impressed with the brand’s cruelty free and vegan friendly ingredients. So far so good! My hair is bleached blonde and needs serious maintenance to keep the yellow tone away, and this shampoo is everything I could have wished for. I’ve not used the shampoo in about three days at the time of writing this, and my hair has maintained the icy platinum tones thanks to the shampoo. Finally, I’ve found my purple shampoo match. Tip: mix the shampoo in your hands before applying to your hair – it massages in so much better!”

Olivia – Content Assistant


“For ages I have really wanted to give my hair a hint of colour without it being too bright – so I decided to try the Infuse My. Colour Quartz Shampoo. I applied it in the shower, so it was super easy to apply and worked instantly. As my hair is really long and dark blonde, I put two applications onto my hair to add more tone. I was super happy with the results, the perfect dusty pink tone! The colour lasted for about two washes, with a nice champagne tone remaining for a couple more washes. I can’t wait to do it all over again as most of the bottle is left!”

Kelsey – Ecommerce Executive


“As someone who’s been dying my hair ginger for the past eight years, I’m no stranger to the sixth week faded/a bit blonde/a bit brown/all the roots phase. With a hectic schedule and no time for home-dying, I tried the Infuse My. Colour Ruby Shampoo and was honestly pleasantly surprised. The results were a warm, peachy tone that I love! My hair is super thick, so I split my hair into 3 sections while applying, and the colour distributed itself evenly throughout. My hair feels like it’s been revived from its dullness, and I’ve already had five compliments this morning! Sold.”

Sarah – Brand and Experiential Executive.