6 Neom Products That Will Make Your Home Feel Like A Spa

While there’s nothing like a boujee spa experience to make you feel relaxed, it’s entirely possible to recreate a DIY (but just as luxurious) experience at home. In fact, it’s now even easier to turn your home into a pampering oasis thanks to Neom – a brand committed to boosting wellbeing via luxurious and relaxing products. 

Scroll down to discover some of our favourite Neom products to transform your home into a mini spa. 

Calming Hand Balm

If your hands are feeling a little rough and dry, there’s nothing like a good hand massage with a luxurious hand cream to get them back to feeling smooth and soft. This step’s easy enough to do in front of the TV – squeeze a gentle amount into one hand at a time, massaing into fingers then using the knuckles of the opposing hand to massage your palms. If you spend all day at a computer, don’t forget the wrists. 

Bedtime Hero Bath Foam

The next best thing to a dip in a pool or jacuzzi? A long, hot bubble bath. Pour the Bedtime Hero Bath Foam into your tub as the water’s running: formulated with marshmallow and coconut oil, it softens your skin while filing your bathroom with a heady aroma of chamomile, cedarwood, and ylang ylang. 

Real Luxury Reed Diffuser

Let’s be honest – the smell of a spa is a crucial part of the experience. Recreate it in any room of your house/apartment with the Tranquility Reed Diffuser and enjoy a dreamy aroma of lavender, rosewood, and jasmine every time you walk past.  

Perfect Night's Sleep Vitamin Body Oil

It may be impossible to recreate the hands of a masseuse at home, but the Perfect Night’s Sleep Vitamin Body Oil is all you need for a DIY treatment. Massage has mutliple benefits – from improvign circulation to draining toxins. The fact that this contains skin nourishing ingredients like rosehip and jojoba oils is an added bonus. 

Happiness Scented Candle 3 Wick

Whether to set the scene, scent a space, or light the room, most spas use candles in one way or another. It’s the easiest way to create ambience and utilise the benefits of aromatherapy to boost your mood. Designed to trigger a ‘positive state of mind’ this supersize candle blends neroli, mimosa, and lemon for the ultimate positive vibe. 

Perfect Night's Sleep Pillow Mist

This soothing blend of lavender and chamomile is designed to set your mind to a state of deep relaxation. As the final step in your home spa routine (or an everyday ritual), spritz it over your pillows to turn your bedroom into the sanctuary it deserves to be.