All New Skincare By BEAUTY BAY SkinHit Serums Are Here

Skincare PSA: The SkinHit serum line-up is getting three new additions today and we’ve got all the details. Clear space on your bathroom shelf… 

Not already familiar with the existing SkinHit serums? They’re potent, minimal-ingredient boosters, designed to be used to tailor your skincare routine to target your most pressing skin concerns. The initial line-up catered to dehydrated, pigmented, congested, dry, blemish-prone, and dull skin, and they’ve been firm favourites ever since they dropped last January. This year we’ve launched a new trio, focusing on skin concerns highlighted by our customers – strengthening the skin barrier, calming inflammation, and protecting skin from environmental damage. 

Scroll down to meet the new SkinHit serums

SkinHit Balancing Serum with Prebiotic and Postbiotic

The hero ingredients: Prebiotics and postbiotics

What does it do? Boosts and restores balance to compromised skin. 

Who is it for? Skin that feels damaged, imbalanced, and sensitive. 

How does it work? By accelerating skin recovery and boosting skin’s microbiome, this serum works to strengthen the skin barrier, resulting in stronger, healthier skin. 

SkinHit Calming Serum with Cica and Mushroom

The hero ingredients: Cica and mushroom

What does it do? Soothes and calms skin. 

Who is it for? Skin that is easily irritated, inflamed, and prone to redness and sensitivity. 

How does it work? Gentle, soothing, and packed with anti-inflammatories that treat redness and swelling, this serum acts as an antidote to skin that is prone to flare-ups and breakouts. 

SkinHit Protecting Serum with Anti-Pollution and Blue Light Actives

The hero ingredients: Anti-pollution and anti-blue light actives

What does it do? Shields and brightens skin. 

Who is it for? Those who are exposed to environmental aggressors like pollution and screen-emitted blue light. 

How does it work? Packed with antioxidants, this serum helps to protect skin from external aggressors and free radical damage, while also helping to restore and boost brightness.