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By Rose-Ann Cullen, 12th January 2017

With thorough, intricate beauty routines and and an exhaustive knowledge of how to care for skin, there’s a reason why Korea is a leader and an innovater in the skincare industry. For a brand to succeed in Korea, it needs to perform exceptionally well for the country’s skin-savvy customers to re-purchase – so those products that do, are sure to be the ones you’ll love. Here are the Korean beauty brands shaking up the beauty industry – that you need to know, now. 


Fusing high performance skin care with quirky designs, Kocostar aim to bring salon-quality treatments into your home. The slice mask sheets are like stickers for your skin: perfectly sized to target-treat specific areas of your face. We like to mix and match to purify our T-Zone, whilst hydrating our cheeks simultaneously. 

Made from ultra-thin microfibre, they adhere well to skin allowing you to get on with your tasks (or watch Netflix, no judging here), whilst you treat your skin. Infused with natural extracts, the serum is easily absorbed into the skin leaving it glowing with health. And the best bit? They can be placed all over the body should you so wish – hands, knees and elbows need be neglected no more.


Korea is renowned for developing the most innovative and unique beauty treatments, and Berrisom is a prime example. If you thought you’d tried every lip colour formula going (balm, liquid, cream, gloss…), then you need to take a look at their Lip Tint Packs. Combining the nostalgic fun of a peel-off mask, with the staying power of an intensely pigmented lip stain, they’re the new way to colour your pout. 

Deliciously scented and available in an ultra-wearable range of hues, they apply like a gloopy gloss, and then dry down over 15 minutes to a PVA glue-esque texture. Then, enjoy the satisfaction of peeling the product away, leaving behind budge-proof colour. Super fun and actually, it works incredibly well. The wash of colour that’s left behind survives eating, drinking and more for hours worth of wear. 


With over 10 years experience in skincare, Leaders live up to their bold name positioning themselves as the top selling brand of sheet masks across the globe. Created by a team of dermatologists from Seoul’s National University, the range of skin treatments have been expertly developed to offer real, visible results with minimal effort required on your part. With a mission to restore self confidence through beautiful skin, if you’re ever in need of a little complexion TLC, look to Leaders.

The Daily Wonders range features cotton-based sheet masks specifically targeted to treat any number of beauty concerns, from enlarged pores, to a tired and lacklustre complexion. Enriched with natural ingredients chosen for their efficacy, these masks are the ultimate go-tos for quick results. We’re keeping a stash on standby for those inevitable beauty crises! 


If state of the art skincare is your thing, then Mizon (one of Asia’s bestselling cosmetic brands) is the one for you. Developed by South Korea’s leading scientific researchers and cosmetic scientists, it’s renowned for its innovative product formulations, which combine traditional Korean hero ingredients with cutting-edge product development. The result? Innovative, high-performance products which combat any number of skin concerns – from tightening pores to reducing redness, deep hydration, and healing blemishes.

While the ingredients lists may be a little unconventional – the likes of bee venom and snail mucin – don’t be deterred, they’re renowned for their impressive skincare benefits and deserve a permanent place in your skincare arsenal, stat.

Oh K!

The epitome of K-Beauty, Oh K! has the cutest beauty products ever to grace your dressing table. From the cosmetics sponge in bunny packaging, to the ridiculously sweet kitty clutch bag, they’ll bring back memories of your old Hello Kitty school stationery stash. But don’t assume these products are purely superficial and won’t benefit your beauty routine – far from it! 

Taking inspiration from the hottest districts across South Korea, Oh K! products are innovative, highly effective and make your beauty routine both fun and effortless.  Set to be a real talking point in your beauty collection, we’re huge fans of the super cute nail files shaped like bunnies and kittens, and the kitty compact mirror – there’s nothing wrong with embracing your inner child when efficient beauty products are part of the deal!

ohk kitty bag

Oh K! Kitty Bag (coming soon)