These DIY Face Peels Are The New Skincare Trend

Forget sheet masks, jelly masks, and clay masks. The top trending skincare treatment of the moment is a mix-your-own mask designed to be peeled off to reveal clearer, brighter skin beneath. 

These masks are special because the ingredients activate once water is added – the gloopy liquid then hardens into a thick mask designed to deliver intensive results. They’re fun, easy, totally selfie-worthy, and the best way to give your skin a fast fix of TLC.  

Get ready to meet your new masking BFFs… 

Nugg Charcoal & Vitamin C Peel Off Face Mask 

One to stockpile if you have spot-prone skin. The charcoal acts like a magnet to bind itself to makeup, oil, dirt, and pollution, clearing all types of congestion from pores. Not only does it physically pull out dirt and take off dead skin cells to reveal brighter skin, but it’s packed with vitamin C – an antioxidant which acts as a shield, helping to protect skin against future aggressors. Use once a month for a happy and blemish-free face. 

Nugg Tea Tree Peel Off Face Mask 

Thanks to the clarifying properties of tea tree and sea salt, you can really feel this mask working – it feels like a cool breeze upon tight, stressed out skin. This mask works for all skin types and does everything from treating acne scars and hyperpigmentation to minimising the appearance of blemishes and blackheads. But it’s the after-effects that have everyone raving – once peeled off, skin feels matte and ultra clean. 

How To Use

1. Mix the contents of the sachet with three tablespoons of room-temperature water. 

2. Stir into a thick paste. 

3. Use fingers or a brush to coat skin in a thick, even layer of product – avoiding the mouth, eyes, hairline, and eyebrows. 

4. Leave to set for 10-15 minutes. 

5. Remove by peeling the mask downwards from the upper edge (the fun part!). 

6. Wash off any remnants with a damp cloth.