6 Moisturisers For Oily Skin And Why You Should Still Use One

Think you have oily skin? Chances are your skin is super dry and dehydrated – its production of oil is actually a cry for help. Here’s why. 

Skin that has a tendency to get oily and shiny can seem hard to take care of, but more often than not is caused by an overcorrection of the problem. Oily skin sufferers have a tendency to over-wash, over-exfoliate, and under-hydrate – not a great combination because skin tries to compensate for this stripping by over-producing a surplus of oil.

Hydration might seem counterintuitive, adding more moisture to an overly oily face, but actually moisture teaches the skin to rebalance itself. Keeping your skin hydrated will limit oil-causing shine and mean you no longer have to be a slave to industrial-power powder.

Thanks to their lotion and gel textures, these creams and lotions will help to control shine, and regulate oil production. What’s more, they’ll improve skin’s ability to retain moisture in the long-run, meaning it will not longer produce excess oil. Here’s how to hydrate your skin to a healthier complexion.

A dry velvety balm that leaves skin matte almost immediately, within a few days of using this my skin looked noticeably healthier and had fewer oil-slick incidents than usual. Offering futuristic protection that sinks in with speed and completely changes the texture of skin without coating it in a weighty matte layer, this moisturiser addresses dehydration at the source – in your cells, with a complex of amino acids and minerals that supplement skin’s natural moisturising factors and prevent water-loss. It also makes for a lovely skin-smoothing base for makeup. 

This light-as-a-feather gel-cream is water-based and chock full of hyaluronic acid – providing vital hydration and keeping skin smooth and supple. The light, barely-there texture belies the fact that it contains a whopping five-ingredient cocktail of fruit extracts rich in vitamins A, C, and E. For optimal results apply it thick, like a mask, and expect both long- and short-term hydration.

A staple in every MUA kit, this moisturiser absorbs fast, feels soothing, and delivers in terms of long- and short-term hydration without the frills. It plumps, replenishes, and strengthens the skin barrier – leaving a makeup-ready canvas – ever-so-slightly dewy, most-certainly-not shiny, and a great deal calmer. If you’re after a failsafe moisturising staple, this is it.

To up the moisture ante without clogging pores or adding grease, this weightless gel provides lasting skin support and acts as an antidote to aggressive treatments by restoring peace and calm to stressed skin. A great texture for use day and night, it quenches the skin immediately but helps to keep oil-production in check.

This light, cooling cream has a thin lotion texture, ideal for when skin needs only light moisturisation. A bestseller, with a legion of fans who love it for its instant and long-lasting mattifying effect, it doesn’t just make you appear matte, but also clears excess oil from your skin. The formula is packed with sebum absorbers to control breakouts and acne, prevent clogged pores, and hold off shine on even the oiliest T-zones. 

It’s not just about oil-free moisturisers for oily skin these days. A little oil in your routine is a-okay – and this cream just so happens to contain only the good stuff – castor oil, eucalyptus oil, and tea tree oil. In addition, salicylic acid balances skin and reduces breakouts by preventing sebum production from going overboard while aloe vera acts as a soothing tonic for sensitive and easily-irritated skin.