Party-Proof Hair Styling

If ever there was a time to break out of your beauty rut and push the boundaries, party season is it. But whilst you’re busy getting adventurous with that exaggerated eye look, punchy lip colour or cheekbone-sculpting contour, hair often gets forgotten, or falls a little flat.

But not this season, as we have three of the most party-appropriate hair styles that will offset your outfit to perfection and hold strong for as long as you need them to.

The Knotted Twist

A sleek, sculptural up-do, smoothed to the head and softly pulled into an intricate bun, works best when paired with glossy, minimal makeup and worn against the fluid lines of a body-skimming slip of a dress.

Starting with damp hair, apply Sebastian Potion 9 from root to tip and blow-dry straight with a hairdryer and large paddle brush. The botanical extracts within this silky lotion work hair into its most manageable state and leave it conditioned with a lustrous shine.

Once dry, use the paddle brush to pull hair into a tight ponytail at the crown. Smooth out any lumps and secure with an elastic, then run a pea-sized amount of Joico’s Firm Styling Gel over the scalp to lock down frizz and fly-aways with long-lasting hold.


Warm an almond-sized dollop of Philip B’s Creme of the Crop Finishing Cream between hands and run through the lengths of the ponytail to smooth hair and boost hold. Twist the ponytail into a tight spiral; with short hair, continue twisting until the hair loops in on itself and up into a bun. With longer hair, actually knot the length of the ponytail until a bun is formed. Secure tightly with a clear elastic.

Finally, fasten down any loose strands with bobby pins and mist the entire style with a generous spritz of Alterna Bamboo Smooth Hairspray for a super-sleek, flawless, high-shine finish.


  • Sebastian Potion 9

The Textured Braid

Chunky, supersize plaits, worn long and loose and lived-in, create the ultimate bohemian party vibe. Styled with lashings of mascara and a shimmering, smoky kohl eye, this hairstyle gives a rock’n’roll outfit a feminine edge.

Skip the shower; this look works best on day-old hair, and lightly mist Sachajuan’s Ocean Mist from roots to tips – combing through to ensure even distribution. This non-sticky salt spray boosts a natural wave and creates the perfect roughed-up texture.

Flip hair upside-down and blast with a hairdryer for a couple of minutes using a diffuser attachment to create long-lasting lift. Then use Pro Blo’s Volumise Me Brush to tease the roots for added volume without frizz.


Maintaining lift and texture at the roots is vital to this look, so tilt your head to one side, allowing hair to fall naturally in one direction. Using short bursts, spray Rahua’s Voluminous Dry Shampoo into the roots and mid-lengths. Repeat on the other side before massaging into the scalp and combing through with fingers to create a tousled, lifted effect.

Flip your head upside-down once again and spray Sachajuan’s Spray Wax onto the roots of the bottom layers, then flip your head back over and spritz through the crown and top sections. This expands the hair, making it look twice as thick and creating a pliable base for braiding.

Finally, draw the hair towards one side of the head and begin a three-strand or fishtail braid. Plait through to the ends and secure with a clear elastic. Tug out tendrils from around the face to soften the look, and pinch random strands from the braid for added messy fullness.


Sleek & Straight

It’s easy to see why this look endures. Pin-straight, sharp-edged and shiny strands lend an aura of chic, sophisticated elegance and are best paired with a flawless manicure, an all-black outfit, and a vibrant, daring lip.

Choosing the right shampoo and conditioner makes all the difference to the finesse of a straight, sleek style. We love  Senscience’s Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner. Comb the conditioner through lengths and leave for at least three minutes before rinsing – the silicone-enriched formula will smooth the hair cuticles to give instant softness and hi-shine.

Instead of towel-drying (which incites frizz) wrap hair in an old cotton t-shirt to absorb excess water before smoothing Neal & Wolf’s Blow Dry Balm through lengths. Create a neat, defined centre-parting and use a wide paddle brush to blow-dry hair with the hairdryer angled from above to prevent flyaways.


Once hair is completely dry, mist generously with Sachajuan’s Straight & Shine Spray. The spray acts as a shield against heat damage whilst locking in moisture and enhancing straightness. It’s also light enough to reapply continually for added shine without any obvious greasy residue.

Separate the top and bottom of the hair, clipping the top half out of the way, and glide a flatiron in 1” sections through the lengths of the lower half of the hair, then release the top half and repeat throughout for a uniform look. Finish with another spritz of Sachajuan’s Straight & Shine Spray for a flawless mirror-like shine and finish.