We’re Obsessed With… This Hair Thickening Collection

I am a long sufferer of thin hair and everything that comes with that, including but not confined to flat and lifelessness, grease prone, breakage prone, and a serious lack of growth. One plus side of this has been getting to trial and test every product possible that claims to help with improving thin hair problems, but the downside is that not all of them work. I’ve tried everything from shampoos and conditioners, scalp serums, vitamins, masks, changing my bobble, changing my washing time/routine, but there I was with thin, lifeless hair. Then…

I heard Philip Kingsley, the geniuses of haircare, were about to drop a hair thickening range so I selflessly put myself forward to test everything in the range. The eight-piece Density Thickening collection has every single thing you’d need to boost hair thickness and volume, and I tried the lot for the good of your hauls. Let’s start with the Density Thickening Shampoo and the Density Thickening Conditioner. This duo is the perfect addition to any shower, and not just because the emerald-green bottles look oh so chic on a shelf. Both formulas have been infused with hyper-branched polymers and hydrolysed pea peptides to instantly volumise the hair, and let me tell you, I could feel the volume boost while my hair was still wet. 

Now for the add-ons. The range includes four extra formulas to choose from (or use them all). A super gentle scalp mask, a scalp stimulating toner, preserving serum drops, and a thickening protein spray. To give each of these a chance to shine, I alternated them weekly (yes, I am practically a scientist). The Density Stimulating Scalp Mask is up there as one of the best hair masks I have ever used – and I’ve used A LOT. The super gentle formula feels almost like minty toothpaste on the hair and feels like it should only be allowed to be used in a spa. Now, I have never had any problems with my scalp – that I knew of – but after this mask my scalp felt brand new. The mask targeted excessive sebum levels and left my roots feeling weightless and bouncy, almost blow dry like. 

The Stimulating Scalp Toner and the Density Preserving Scalp Drops both also worked an absolute treat. Both formulas work to target imbalances on the scalp to refresh and strengthen the hair. I enjoyed the Density Preserving Scalp Drops especially because they’re so low maintenance. I applied directly to the roots before bed and gently massaged in and didn’t experience any grease! (Only the greasy hair prone will understand what a big deal this is.) 

But if you’re more of a post-shower add-on person, the Density Thickening Protein Spray is the one. Designed to be applied to the hair post-wash, the spray adds instant volume like I’ve never known. My hair is a real handful after a few spritzes of this baby. And, to make things even better, this spray also works to hydrate and protect the hair from heat damage. Perfection! 

And now for the final elements of research in my great haircare experiment: the Density Amino Acid Protein Booster. I am a big fan of vitamins, especially those designed to target the skin and hair, and I have to say these are the best yet. The Density Amino Acid Protein Booster features 7g of vegan protein (big news for a vegan like me), plus a blend of rice, pea and pumpkin protein-sources. To cut a long story short, if you take these supplements, you are basically giving your hair (and skin and nails) the equivalent of one of those green smoothies from TikTok. 

Conclusion: I am completely obsessed with this range, and I know for a fact that my fellow thing hair owners will be too. I’m already seeing hair regrowth around my temples after six week’s use so I will not be switching ranges any time soon.