These Are The Beauty Products Our Boyfriends Steal From Our Bathrooms

Beauty is my thing – for example, my entire evening routine is a complex multi-step process that takes 30 minutes. So when we first started dating I was appalled that the extent of my boyfriend’s bedtime routine was no more than brushing his teeth and splashing his face with cold water… Fortunately, sharing your partners interests is all part of being in a relationship – eventually I started listening to 90s rock music and he started using moisturiser before bed. Turns out, I’m not the only one in the Beauty Bay office who has (either intentionally or not) started sharing beauty products with their boyfriend… 

Olympia, Senior CRM Executive

I love Embroylisse Lait Creme Concentre Moisturiser, and so does my boyfriend Benn. My love came first, finding it to hydrate without sitting on the skin (which is highest priority for me as I have oily, cystatic acne prone skin). Then Benn found it, he says it soothes his dry, eczema prone skin – helping it to feel less “tight and sore”, this revelation pleases me greatly since his ‘skincare regime’ was wash your face with any shampoo or body wash that’s in the shower (WTF!?). Thank god for universal Embroylisse 🙌🏼  


Grace, Beauty Editor

After I got Justin on board with the face cream phase (it’s the easiest way, everyone gets dry skin), that’s when his curiosity kicked in. He started asking about the products I use and then he started to use them, too. At first he stuck to skincare, but then I caught him using my Sebastian Drynamic Dry Shampoo. He doesn’t care about its actual dry shampoo purposes, but he swears it’s the best styling product he’s ever used. His hair is fine and fluffy and this helps to stop it from being too soft and flat, giving it a ‘cool’ mussed up texture. So yeah, that’s the story of how I brainwashed my boyfriend. 

Sarah, Search & Shopping Manager

Rarely does my boyfriend ever ask me about anything to do with my beauty or skincare routine, so when he asked whether I’d seen the black peel-off masks that were filling everyone’s Facebook feeds, it was a bit of a surprise! I did want to try it myself though which reminded me to finally buy the Zeroskin Black Peel Off Caviar Mask I already had in my basket. It didn’t take long before my boyfriend noticed it among my other skincare essentials; immediately being drawn to the word caviar (likely due to his expensive taste). Before I knew it he was telling me how good it was, only for me to question when he used it?! It’s now very much “his”. 


Amelia, Copywriter

I’ve lost count of the amount of times my boyfriend has put beauty products in my basket and asked me to pretend they’re mine. His favourite, anything with the word pore on it. A sucker for the words ‘impurities’ and ‘detoxify’ you can only imagine how many of my pore strips he goes through!! Don’t tell him I said anything but hands down his favourite kind of night is when I buy two packs of Oh K! Nose Pore Strips and we sit eating pizza with the TV on. Believe me when I tell you, nothing forms a stronger bond than sitting and comparing what you managed to pull out with them!   

Jade, Senior Social Media Executive

My boyfriend Tom just loves to sneak into my ensuite and swipe my Jeffree Star Velour Lip Scrub. It all started when he was complaining of dry lips during the winter – and being the kind, caring girlfriend I am, I let him use my scrub as it’s the PERFECT antidote. Little did I know that he’d start using it on the reg! Everytime I walk in and catch him parading round with the sugary pink scrub on his lips, it makes me crack up. But hey, his lips are even more kissable now so I guess we’re both winners, eh?!