10 Glam Makeup Looks For Your Prom Beauty Inspo

Prom season is officially here! AKA the perfect excuse to delve into the untapped shades in your supersize eyeshadow palettes and stock up on fresh lipstick/mascara/concealer. Whether you’ve hired a pro or you’re playing MUA on yourself for the night, get ready to screenshot – we’ve got all the prom makeup inspo you need, just keep scrollin’. 

Glitter and a red lip might feel like a bold move for prom, but if you keep the rest of your look (and outfit) simple, it’ll come out looking uber glamourous. Use your finger to pat a fine glitter like Makeup Revolution’s Glitter Bomb over your lids – for balance, keep skin matte and lashes minimal. 

Rebecca’s look is laid-back glam – and one of the most foolproof, classic prom looks, ever. Build definition with neutral mattes, then use a high-pigment metallic eyeshadow from the BEAUTY BAY Going Out Out Palette to cover the lid. 

The trick to nailing Nikki’s cool-girl look (whilst still looking dressy) is texture. High-shine eyes, glossy lips, and feathered brows look subtle but eyecatching – and you can use Linda Hallberg’s Infinity Glass to nail all three. Finish with a dewy setting spray and lots of mascara. 

This look takes ‘smoky eye’ to a whole new level of extra. Using the BEAUTY BAY Going Out Out Palette, apply a black matte pigment to your entire eyelid and instead of eyeliner then top with glitter and lashes to make your gaze even more intense. 

Pastels are officially approved for spring – and perfect for prom.  Use soft, neutral shades to deepen your crease, then dust over a pale matte pink shade from the BEAUTY BAY EYN Bright Matte 42 Colour Palette. Add multiple layers of mascara, then pair with a matte pink lipstick to match. 

Pink eyeshadow is majorly hot right now, but for prom you need to add a twist of glamour. Use your finger to gently layer metallic neutrals from the BEAUTY BAY Going Out Out Palette over your poppin’ pink shade. Keep your blusher and lips neutral to help the colour pop. 

Rosie’s classic ‘fairytale beauty’ look is perfect for that ‘all natural but still glam’ look that’s perfect for prom. Focus on the base – micro-conceal any blemishes and use cream highlighter (like the BEAUTY BAY Gelée Glow Multi Use Highlighters) for an all-over glow. Use blusher and highlighter to sculpt cheeks, and for balance, keep the eyes simple. 

Rocking a neon prom dress might be a little extra, but you can totally embrace summer’s biggest colour trend with your prom makeup. Pick a bright matte pigment from the BEAUTY BAY EYN Bright Matte 42 Palette and blend it into a cat-eye shape. Add winged liner for some extra glam. 

Simple but eyecatching and (as we’d expect from Linda Hallberg) actual fire. Add an accent of colour (using the Linda Hallberg Mood Crayons)  underneath your regular black cat-eye for a contrast that will make your eye look pop. Keep your lid bare and instead add lashes for definition. 

If your dress is covered in sequins, colour, or patterns, balance it out with a soft makeup look. With bold brows and mega lashes, a neutral, glowy look that’s all about sculpted, radiant skin looks totally glam – and works for everyone. Use BEAUTY BAY Bouncy Beam to get that high-shine effect.