15 Last-Minute Halloween Looks For DIY Inspiration

SFX makeup is all over Instagram, but tends to lean into the extremes at Halloween – the prime time to put your skills to good use. Right now, our Instagram feeds are an endless scroll-fest of gore, mythical creatures, ghosts, tears, and optical illusions. If you leave it to the last minute and don’t have time to go all out and get a costume, you can turn to Insta for all the inspiration you need to whip up an eyecatching Halloween look where all you need is the makeup you already own.

These are our favourites…

Prefer fun to scary? Bring pop art to life with some well-placed dots and contour outlines.


This seasonally appropriate look gives ‘trick or treat’ a whole new meaning.


Use glitter and face jewels for a glamourous twist on blood tears.


Eyebrow art has really taken off over the past year and we’re into this (easily doable) take. Plus, devil makeup is the new cat makeup – if our Instagram feeds are anything to go by.


Showcase your cut crease and your blending skills for this majorly spooky situation.


If you’re missing Stranger Things this October (aren’t we all) here’s how to give a subtle shout-out to the iconic show.


This one’s easy…all you need is glitter.


Save time by combining regular glam on one half of your face and foregoing makeup on the other, then put your shading skills to use to create the layered effect.


Dig out your unused red lipsticks and put them to good use for this heartbreakingly bold look.


This one might look complex, but actually all you need is a liquid eyeliner pen (and a lot of patience).


Create a pixelated verison of yourself for a truly Instagram-worthy look.


Who said liquid lipstick was over? Create a flawless lip, add liquid latex, and go. Bonus, this looks best with regular makeup so (after prepping the blood) it’s easy to pull together.


Because nothing screams spooky season quite like an arachnid aesthetic…


If you have a stash of brightly coloured liquid lipsticks, this one’s a no-brainer.


Highlight your internal anatomy (literally) without the gore factor by outlining your jawbone, teeth, nose, and eye socket with fluorescent shades.