8 Beauty Products I’ve Been Using During Ramadan

For those of us who enjoy wearing makeup, having a full beat during Ramadan can be tricky to navigate. As there are more prayers, therefore, more acts of wu’du (cleansing your face and body before prayer), the act of doing your face in the morning may seem reductive. What’s the point of reapplying highlighter on several times a day? 

Yet experiencing a Ramadan in lockdown, getting ready i.e. doing your makeup in the morning while maintaining your fasts can be a way of looking after yourself. Here’s a list of makeup and beauty products I recommend, that is good for the skin, will let water permeate when performing wu’du and of course, will last through your various zoom calls.

The Face Mist

Hydration is key when you’re dry fasting and not drinking any water between sunrise and sunset so a face mist is in order. This Farsali Rose Gold Skin Mist key ingredient is hyaluronic acid in a bottle. Just because it’s Ramadan, doesn’t mean I can’t attempt to have glass skin.

The Facial Oil

The Dr. Botanicals Moroccan Rose Superfood Facial Oil is a floral dream. One of my favourite facial oils, it’s packed with a blend of vitamins and minerals to deliver a stress-relieving aroma whilst rejuvenating the complexion.  Leaves skin feeling moisturised without feeling greasy.

The Sheet Mask

Hydration station is what I like to call my beauty cupboards during Ramadan. With skin needing more moisture than usual, I like to do a sheet mask before going to sleep (and before waking up again at suhoor!). This is also something I like to wear around the house while working from home.

The Foundation

EX1 Cosmetics foundation has been the only foundation to ever match me correctly. Formulated for warm skin tone, this foundation is medium coverage but feels hydrating and light. I’ve been wearing it during Ramadan and it’s staying power while letting my skin breathe is both impressive and baffling.

The Lipstick

Finding a beauty brand who matches your ethics is exactly what I need, especially in Ramadan. Every day, I find myself reaching for INIKA Organic’s lipstick line — and it’s no wonder, as the clean, vegan and cruelty-free beauty brand doesn’t sacrifice on pigment. My favourite colour at the moment is Tan Nude. A perfect browny, warm nude that doubles up as bronzer, is the way to go this Ramadan.

The Mascara

If you’re going to do mascara, you might as go big (and stay at home). In order to make sure your the curl in your mascara lasts, always opt for a waterproof option.

The Blush

The magic behind Kevyn Aucoin is the ability to create the aptest coral tone. A blush that comes with a variation means only one thing: springtime is calling me.

The Bronzer

To hide all my Iftar dinners, I’m going to utilise some bronzer. Also because it looks great on brown skin. This Inika Baked Mineral bronzer in sunkissed keeps the rest of my makeup in check. I don’t even need to check up on it.