8 Self-Care Tips For During Ramadan

The month of Ramadan is here, and with self-care and reflection on many Muslims’ minds as they observe the holy month, we spoke to makeup artist and hair stylist Saadiya Rahman to find out how she intends to enrich her Ramadan by practicing self-care. 

“Ramadan is a time to not only a time to cleanse your body but also a spiritual cleanse.” says Saadiya,   

“Physically it gives the digestive system a rest, aids with weight loss, manages hunger pangs, helps beat addictions, promotes detoxification of the body, helps with clearing up the skin, boosts your immune system, and also reduces high blood pressure.” 

“For me, Ramadan also paves the path to cleaner eating habits and a promotes a healthy lifestyle change, almost like a New Year’s resolution, if you manage to stick to it.” she adds. “For some people they can be lasting changes, for others temporary. Either way, giving your body and soul a break from the toxins we put in is vital, like a restart button.” 

Scroll down for Saadiya’s top self-care tips for Ramadan. 



With Ramadan changing your body clock, make sure to get as many hours of sleep in as you can – sometimes even napping during the day. 


I aim for a healthy diet when opening and closing my fast, so I eat more fruit and veg and avoid fried foods as this can break me out. 


I like to go for a walk even if it’s just fifteen minutes, to get some fresh air. If this isn’t possible, I use my treadmill for a brisk walk.  


Being self-employed allows me to control the amount of work I take on during Ramadan, so I really cut this down so I can have a break. 


I make time to relax and unwind, this is usually during the day, I like to light candles, get into a bath, pop on sheet mask, and occasionally treat myself to a naughty snack or two. 


My skin can get quite dry and a little dehydrates, so I try and drink a minimum of two litres of water a day (between sunset and sunrise). Don’t skip on the water try to get two to three litres in a day – you can get an app that reminds you to drink your water. 


I like to focus on clearing my skin and really improving my physical health during Ramadan. I use a heavy moisturiser to keep my skin hydrated and I religiously use hyaluronic acid and a good SPF sunscreen.  


Stay in touch with positive people that motivate you, just in case you’re feeling a little under the weather – they will know exactly what to say to lift your spirit.