Get The Look: Retro Witchery Tutorial

If you want to get ahead of the trends, then BEAUTY BAY is the place to head to. This Halloween, we’ve got the skull makeup, we’ve got the SFX, but we also want to try something a little different – enter the retro witchery trend.

Putting a bohemian spin on the classic witch look, this is a look that’s got all the 70s vibes. We’re going with dark lips, glossy textures, and subtle glamour, making this a look that’s just as wearable to a festive party as it is for Halloween.

Follow @alice_crue’s step by step to recreate the look for yourself.

Step 1

Prep your eyelids with the By BEAUTY BAY Eye Base 2.

Step 2

Using a small pencil brush like the By BEAUTY BAY Ultra Fine Brush BB209, apply the shade Hibiscus from the By BEAUTY BAY Sunset Horizons Palette onto the crease, creating a line.

Step 3

Blend out the line with the shade Bikini from the same palette.

Step 4

Next, apply the shade Twilight to darken the transition near to the crease.

Step 5

Cut the crease using the Eye Base 2.

Step 6

Set the base with the shade Bikini from the same palette.

Step 7

Using the By BEAUTY BAY Multi Use Liner & Brow Brush BB212 and the shade Twilight, create a winged liner, starting from the outer corner of the upper lash line and outer corner of the lower lash line, meeting in a wing.

Step 8

Take the New Romantic Liquid Crystal Eyeshadow Carnelian and the Fine Liner Brush BB211 and follow the line of the cut crease.

Step 9

Using the same method, create another line from the inner corner of the lid and join it up with the winged liner at the outer corner.

Step 10

Apply the By BEAUTY BAY Crayon Eyeliner in Ink onto the waterline and blend it out.

Step 11

To finish off the look, apply the By BEAUTY BAY Lip Gloss in the shade Blackcurrant to add a vampy affect.

Final look