This Exfoliator Had An 11,000 Person Waitlist, Here’s Why

As far as skincare trends go, exfoliation is a bit of a buzzword in the beauty community right now. There’s a reason why – it works for everyone. That’s right, exfoliation can benefit any and every skin concern, including dry skin, breakouts, scarring, and dullness.  

What’s more, exfoliating treatments have improved massively since the days of salt scrubs and microbeads… The latest exfoliator to grab the internet’s attention (and by grab we mean amass an 11,000 person waitlist), comes from Sand & Sky, the brand responsible for the face mask that broke the internet in 2017. 


More than just your average face scrub, Sand & Sky’s Australian Pink Clay Exfoliating Treatment is more like a three-step facial in a single product. The treatment’s success lies in the fact that it contains both physical and chemical exfoliants – 30 seconds of gentle buffing application means that the ground bamboo and macadamia does it’s thing (lifting away dead skin cells whilst smoothing the skin’s surface), then five minutes of downtime allows the AHAs to go a step further and lift out deep-rooted buildup from your pores. 

Even better, the clay base helps to absorb oil (it clears blackheads better than any treatment I’ve ever used before) while witch hazel, rosehip, and grapeseed oils work to cleanse and hydrate the skin. After five minutes, rinse it off to reveal your clearest, brightest, smoothest skin ever. It’s ridiculously good.