4 Self-Care Steps We’ll Be Doing To Celebrate International Women’s Day

The most important day of the yearly calendar (not Christmas and – nope – not your birthday, either): International Women’s Day. A day to celebrate all things female. And what better way to commemorate the special day than by caring for ourselves – fully present – with the only intention being to improve our mind, body and souls? (and skin, of course, because it never hurts to do a face mask).

Read on for the self-care steps we’re taking in the lead up to International Women’s Day.

Listening To Our Bodies

Oftentimes, our body tries to tell us things we might not realise ourselves. Because we lead such busy lives, it can be hard to differentiate between ‘not feeling great’, ‘having a cold’, and ‘always being tired, groggy, and unwell’. The first step to being in tune with your body and its needs is to take time to listen to it. It can help to keep a daily note of how you’re feeling, while also writing down what you’ve eaten, drunk, and done that might be making you feel this way. You’ll start to realise correlations between symptoms and actions.

Got a headache, but you also drank a whole bottle of prosecco last night? It’s not surprising. However, if you continuously feel gross, it’s time to listen. Once you’ve narrowed down a list of things your body is trying to tell you, look into what it might be lacking. If you need certain vitamins, it may be as simple as taking a daily supplement to get you feeling back 100% again.

Of course, if you have continuous health problems, nothing can replace a doctor’s advice. But if you lack energy and feel lethargic, vitamins and nutrients can be a great place to start. Try Solgar Vitamin D3 1000 IU (25 Mcg) Chewable Tablets– for a boost of vitamin D that can help to boost the immune system, and make you feel back to your normal self.

Caring for Our Skin

When life catches up with us, we can often tell by the state of our skin. Late nights, too many takeaways, and evenings where a full skincare routine just seems out of the question all often show up a few days later – as problem areas on our T-zone, chin and jawline. And when our skin looks a little worse for wear, it can really affect how we feel about ourselves. That’s why – while skincare may seem trivial – it can become an important part of our routine, and even our identity. So make time for ‘you time’, and treat yourself to an un-clogging mask to get the day’s muck and grime out of your pores.

We love the By BEAUTY BAY Skin Fixer Clay Mask for a deep, weekly clean. And while you’re waiting for it to dry, read your favourite book, paint your nails, sneak a Netflix episode in. Whatever you love to do to take five minutes out for yourself. We won’t judge.

Putting Ourselves First

If there’s ever a reason to ‘put ourselves first’ (and if you don’t follow me, here: yes I mean masturbate), it’s International Women’s Day. As female pleasure has been stigmatised, and even frowned upon (God forbid women enjoy sex!) for decades, there’s no better time to say ‘screw you’ to societal standards and expectations, and enjoy a night in with yourself (and your vibrator, of course).

Masturbation actually has loads of health benefits, too, like helping to release pent-up tension, aid better sleep, elevating mood, and reducing stress. So while it may seem silly (and we don’t want to make it sound clinical, either) but masturbation can actually be a really useful part of your self-care regime. Try Smile Maker’s The Ballerina, for the one step of your nightly routine you’ll never want to miss.

Sleeping Like A Baby

The whole body rejuvenates when you’re sleeping, which is why when you have a bad night’s rest, you don’t just feel tired – your whole body is affected. You ache, your head feels cloudy, and your skin even takes a hit, often looking dull and dry. Sleep is such an important part of wellness altogether, and is arguably the most important part of any self-care routine. And while there are many things you can’t control that might be affecting your sleep (noisy, inconsiderate housemates? been there hun), there are also some steps you can take to try to ensure you get the best night’s kip possible.

Start with taking a CBD supplement (we recommend the BeYou CBD Oral Drops) just before you want to sleep. This will relax your mind, and help put an end to the list of worries that might be stopping you being able to drift off. The temperature of your room can also affect sleep – if you can, try to have your bedroom at a cooler temperature than you might like. A hot bedroom can stop the body being able to self-regulate, and your sleep efficiency will be reduced (yep, there can be a bad kind of ‘hot and steamy night’).

A silk pillowcase will help keep you cool, as well as being boujie af. Try the By BEAUTY BAY Satin Pillowcase (and eye mask, too – you know those pesky housemates always leave the hallway light on!)