Your Friends Will Vibe These Sexual Wellness Gifts

Christmas is all about spreading cheer, happiness, and making the ones you love feel good. Correct us if we’re wrong, but isn’t sexual wellness also all about cheer, happiness, and making yourself or the ones you love feel good? If you’ve had the same lightbulb moment we had, then you’ll be on it the idea of gifting your nearest and dearest the gift of a sexual wellness product this festive season. After all, taking a little me time with a vibrator is proven to reduce stress, release tension, enhance sleep and boost self-confidence. Now, isn’t that the perfect gift? 

See below for seven sexual wellness gifts that your friends will vibe. 

Sona Pink

Let’s start with the boujie because Christmas and boujie gifts go hand in hand. Lelo’s Sona Pink is a powerful clitoral vibrator that is designed to stimulate the whole clitoris, yep, even the parts you can’t see. Using sonic waves (techy) and pulses rather than conventional vibrations, the external vibrator has eight settings and is waterproof, so maybe gift the lucky recipient a bath set too; you know, to set the mood. 

Dame Products Kip

Dame Products’ Kip may look like a Play Station controller, but you’d be a fool for writing it off based on that. The external vibrator, a lipstick vibrator, has rounded edges and a pointed tip designed to target the clitoris and the vulva for all those good vibrations. With five pulsation patterns, five intensities, and a waterproof, Kip is discreet, classic, and perfect for anyone looking to find their vibe.

Unbound Shimmy

If you already gifted your bestie a vibrator last year and you were hoping to find something a little different here, may we introduce you to Unbound’s Shimmy anal vibrator. The medium sized vibrator allows for hands-free anal stimulation with five speeds and five patterns and a discreetly quiet volume. Made with smooth silicone, the vibrator is waterproof, USB rechargeable, and has a circular handle for ease of use. Try and top this next year…

My Viv Pebble Personal Massager

My Viv’s Pebble Personal Massager is within the price range of a Secret Santa gift, and it goes without saying that it will be possibly the best Secret Santa gift, possibly ever. The external vibrator is designed to fit perfectly in the palm of the hand while the tapered end works to target specific areas of the body. With three speed settings and seven pulsation settings, the vibrator is the perfect gift for everyone from the sexual wellness novice to the pro.

Smile Makers The Tennis Pro

If you’re looking to gift something with the wow factor, Smile Makers The Tennis Pro should do just the job. The rounded head vibrator is designed to focus stimulation on the G-spot, an internal pleasure point that is guaranteed to create the kind of orgasm you only see in movies. With four speed settings, two pulsation modes, and a sound of less than 40dB, The Tennis Coach is the one that you gift to your very best friend.

My Viv Dual Vibrator

If all this talk about internal and external vibrators is making you question which one would be better for your friend, My Viv’s Dual Vibrator should quell any doubts you’re having. The dual vibrator is designed to stimulate both the internal G-spot and the external clitoris for an experience that can only be described as intense. Using low frequency vibrations to travel through the body and tingle the nerve endings, the rechargeable vibrator has five speeds, two pulsations modes, and will make you the best friend anyone has ever had.

Smile Makers The Billionaire

If you’re just looking for a classic shaped vibrator that will score you brownie points, you’re looking for Smile Makers The Billionaire. With the OG vibrator shape that we all know and love, The Millionaire is chic, versatile, and a sure winner for any of your pals on your gifting list. A BEAUTY BAY bestseller for reasons we all know, the timeless vibrator has four speeds, two pulsation modes and can be used both internally and externally.