We Shopped Our Stash And These Are The Icons We Rediscovered

With sustainability a hot topic at BEAUTY BAY HQ (and in the beauty industry as a whole), this year we challenged ourselves to ‘shop our stashes’ and use up what we own before making new purchases. Not only a great way to practice sustainability (we’re all guilty of beauty hoarding!) but a chance to rediscover and fall in love with old favourites all over again… 

Saturday Skin Press Pause Moisturising Beauty Essence

“Ok, confession time,my rediscovery was mostly motivated by the fact that I fully neglected my skin this festive period. I drank too much alcohol and not enough water, and having plans every day of the break meant my skincare routine took a back seat. I resolved to give it some well-deserved TLC in the new year, and the first step was digging out my Saturday Skin Press Pause Moisturising Beauty Essence. I forgot how much I loved this product. It’s super silky to apply, and I’ve already noticed how much healthier and smoother my skin feels again! *promises never to neglect skin again*” – Sarah, Events Marketing Exec

Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion

“I first bought this about a year ago and loved it – It works. Let me tell you, I have suffered with hormonal under-the-skin (V painful) spots since I was a teenager, and nothing has ever worked before – but this seriously reduces the size of spots overnight!!!! Fast forward about 1000000 skincare purchases later, and I had totally forgotten about it until I fell into the reviews section on BEAUTY BAY, and was reminded of its five-star status, I dug it out and oh my god– I vow never to forget you again, Buffering Lotion.” – Olympia, CRM Manager

Alpha-H Protection Plus Daily SPF

“I’m super fair and even though I might be half Spanish, I do not tan at all!! I have to wear an SPF on my face daily, even when its overcast (I mean, you should anyway) but I’ve made a promise to myself that I’m actively going to pull it into my make-up routine this year – easy when I already own a tube. I use this underneath my foundation, and actually always apply it after using a glycolic acid as it makes me skin even more sensitive to the sun. I can already tell the difference in skin texture and my make-up deffo lasts longer throughout the day so it’s a bonus!” – Stacey, Producer 


“Beautyblenders have been around for a few years now and there are loads of cheaper copies, but don’t discount the original – IMO it’s 100% worth paying more for. I remember using one years ago and loving it but when the time came to chuck it, I moved on to brushes instead. I found an unused Beautyblender in my drawer during my big clear out (call it the Marie Kondo effect) and it’s made a believer out of me, for good. It’s just firm enough to blend makeup on without absorbing it, and the effect is truly skin-like skin, that looks fresh and streak-free.” – Grace, Beauty Editor 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in Grim

I thought I was over liquid lipsticks, preferring tints and stains, but it’s turns out I’m not! I rediscovered this product just before Christmas and I it’s been in my bag ever since. ABH lip products in general are classics due to their long-wear and strong pigments, but it’s the liquid lipsticks in particular that I’m obsessed with right now. My lips are extra dry during the cold, winter months and I find that matte products strip all the moisture from my lips and leave them flaky. As the Anastasia Beverley Hills Liquid Lipsticks last all day, I can add one coat and it’s totally coffee- and snack-proof, so no need to reapply. I’m a big fan of classic shades but I love that Grim is a unique hue that include grey tones. It doesn’t sound very flattering  but it works so well with darker eyes! – Alex, Social Media Assistant

Alpha-H Liquid Gold

I actually bought Alpha-H Liquid Gold ages ago when a work pal recommended it to me, but I completely forgot about it until the brand came in to BEAUTY BAY HQ to do a workshop on their products and it completely opened my eyes again (or should I say re-opened)! I started using it again that night and oh my god! – not even being dramatic but it completely changed my life. It resurfaces my skin leaving it feeling rejuvenated, soft, brighter, texture-less and it reduces the appearance of my pores – I honestly feel like I have a new skin every time I use it! It’s great when you’re having breakouts too, I could go on all day about the amount of benefits this product has tbh. It’s honestly my ride or die – try it for yourself! – Rochelle, Social Media Assistant

LA Girl Pro.Conceal HD Concealer

The concealer fad last year had me trying a whole new range of concealers throughout 2018 – it seems that every brand brought out a new one! My go to had always been LA Girl PRO.Conceal and it wasn’t until I ran out of one of my new concealers, that I went back to my tried and trusted £5 LA Girl concealer. I mean, the shade range is amazing – I have a yellow one for the bags under my eyes, a green one for the occasional spot and my go-to porcelain for carving out my brows & my contour. They’ve even brought out some highlighter shades which are next on my list to try. With the brush head it’s so easy to apply, it lets you be precise in application and the coverage is great! I don’t know why I ever left her, but I’m glad she’s back in my life.