Skincare by Season | The Winter Edit

Creating a seasonal skincare wardrobe may sound like an activity reserved for the beauty obsessed, but those who prefer to take a more simplified approach to skincare can still benefit from a tailor-made and season-specific regime, without too much extra effort.

Simply look to the product additions, tips and tricks below as a tried-and-tested prescription for all your cold-season skincare needs.

Use An All-In-One Cleanser

As temperatures drop skin produces less oil, so be careful not to exacerbate it by using moisture-stripping and astringent foam cleansers or multiple cleansing products. Instead, invest in thick cream formulas such as Antipodes’ Grace Gentle Cream Cleanser, which removes makeup and deeply cleanses whilst building up the skin’s moisture barrier. Rich ingredients and luxurious textures are not only a godsend in the cooler months – providing much needed hydration, nourishment, protection – they also turn the extra skincare investment into an enjoyable and indulgent ritual. Case in point, the vitamin-rich, oil-based Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel, a non-drying and sulphate free formula that boasts a soothing, slippery texture perfect for facial massage.

Antipodes Grace Gentle Cream Cleanser

Get Your Scrub On

If you’re plagued with dry skin it’s easy to look to thick, creamy formulas to smooth out patches, and yet it’s here that exfoliation is key.  The cold air exacerbates flakey areas and clogged pores but these skin woes can easily be kept at bay by regular skin-buffing. The trick is in the type of exfoliant you choose, so opt for gentle scrubs with round beads instead of natural grains in order to prevent micro-tears in the skin – Kaplan MD’s Cell Renewing Microfoliant virtuously employs jojoba beads within a light and creamy formula for a gentle but efficacious exfoliating action. Regular exfoliation is also vital for repairing any summer-sun skin damage, as it gently wicks away the damaged, upper layers of the epidermis, allowing new cells to create a clear and even skin-tone. Scrubs rich in chemical exfoliants (such as lactic, glycolic, and salicylic acids) are particularly pertinent choices when attempting to fade sun spots; look for products that count one of the above within the first few ingredients listed, such as the Alpha-H Micro Cleanse Exfoliator.

Kaplan MD Cell Renewing Microexfoliant

Amp The Hydration

When it comes to hydration, more is definitely more, but it’s important to adopt a gradual approach in order to ease skin into the new season and prevent it from becoming overwhelmed with the heavier product textures. So, instead of slicking on thick, oil-based creams as soon as the temperatures drop, continue to apply summer’s water-based hydrators in light layers. These lighter, serum-textured layers will help soothe any inflammation and slowly boost moisture levels and can be bolstered by a bi-weekly intensive moisture mask (such as the First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Overnight Mask) as the cold months linger on, to ensure that new skin cells (exposed thanks to exfoliation) are nourished and protected. Dry and dehydrated complexions will be particularly well served by the daily application of a moisture-rich toner, such as the Aromatherapy Associates Soothing Tonic – a blend of chamomile and rose extracts, which injects a subtle radiance whilst strengthening the skin’s natural moisture barrier.

First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Overnight Mask

Add Essential Oils

Don’t underestimate the power of a little bottle of face oil – it’s a treasure trove of skin-friendly winter-appropriate ingredients – luxurious, nourishing, well-matched and blended together in a riot of scent. The fluid, featherlight form means it can be easily introduced into your routine and adapted to suit your complexion, and skin needs – whether that’s by adding a few drops to your night cream, pressing onto skin pure or added by way of daily facial massage. Oils, in their purest form are easily and deaply absorbed due to their light molecular structure, and cater for a whole host of skincare concerns, in addition to their bountiful hydrating properties. We’ll be reaching for oils rich in Vitamin C in order to counteract winter’s grey-tinged skin tones, or try Jurlique’s Skin Balancing Face Oil which combines evening primrose, macadamia seed, avocado and jojoba oils for a luxe treatment that softens skin and, when massaged over chapped patches, offers immediate relief.

Julique Skin Balancing Face Oil

Maintain The SPF

Falling temperatures call for a surprisingly strict approach to SPF protection, which despite the lack of sun, remains just as much a threat as it was during the summer months due to incidental exposure. Make full use of clever skincare/makeup hybrids by applying a tinted SPF BB cream (such as the Missha BB Cream) or opt for a day cream that contains a full spectrum SPF for 2-in-1 skincare benefits – the Kaplan MD SPF30 Daily Concentrate absorbs instantaneously, leaving skin smooth, soft, and without an ashen caste in sight. Always choose a minimum factor of 30, and if you have sensitive or easily inflamed skin, look to titanium dioxide and zinc oxide based formulas such as they offer the most natural and gentlest protection.

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream