Skincare Capsules Are Set To Be One Of The Biggest Trends Of 2020, Here’s Why

If you keep an eye on the beauty trends scene, you’ll have noticed an increase in skincare products that come in cute little capsules. And if you’re super clued up, you’ll know that encapsulated skincare is yet another tried and tested K-beauty favourite, and the latest to make its way into the mainstream beauty industry. Unlike ingestible capsules which are swallowed whole, these are designed to be broken or twisted open so that the serum inside can be applied directly to your face. 

Scroll down to discover the benefits of skincare capsules and shop our faves. 

They’re perfectly dosed

Each capsule contains one perfectly dosed usage, so you can be confident that you’re not using too much or too little. This means there’s no danger of overdoing it, and you cut down on unnecessary waste – win, win. 

The ingredients are stable

Bottled products with lids that are constantly opened and closed are exposed to air and water, which can cause ingredients to destabilise or lose their potency. Since the formulas are encapsulated, there’s no danger of them being affected, and they also don’t need the fillers and stabilisers that would dilute their strength. 

The formulas are water-free

Water-free formulas are not only better for the environment (worldwide water reserves are running low), but the formulas are cleaner because of this… If there’s no water, there’s no risk of mold, and therefore no need for preservatives.

They’re environmentally responsible

As well as cutting down on wasted products and the use of water, the majority of skincare capsules meet industry requirements for biodegradability – they’ll either dissolve in water or they’ll biodegrade in waste over time. 

They’re travel friendly

We all know the struggles that come with travelling with full size skincare – liquid allowance, baggage weight, broken bottles, burst tubes – but capsules take all the hassle out, allowing you to travel light, spillage free, and with the exact amount of product that you’ll need for your trip. 

They treat concerns individually

Treating your skin based on its concerns each day is a valid approach to skincare, but having multiple products open at once is not without its drawbacks – namely a cluttered shelf and expiring formulas. Capsules allow you to adapt your routine to suit its needs, so you don’t feel bad about opening a serum that you only need to use once a week.