Ways To Solve Your Skincare Dilemmas, The Natural Way

The problem with working in beauty (and trying so many products) is that I change my routine constantly, allowing my skin to go through some pretty interesting experiments (snail slime, anyone?), because it’s vital to my job that I try a lot. Fortunately, my skin isn’t super sensitive, but every now and then it encounters a product that it really disagrees with, and freaks out majorly – breakouts, patches of dry skin, extreme oiliness – I’ve seen it all.

My overwhelming answer to this dilemma is, always, go natural. Stripping my routine back to basics, with clean, gentle products is the fastest, surest way to sort out any dilemma, and there’s a reason for this. Natural products don’t contain the cheap fillers, colourants, and perfumes which have absolutely no skincare benefit and can potentially cause skin irritation and damage.

If you’re struggling to see out a spell of skincare bad luck, these tried, true, and tested saviours will solve the most common skincare dilemmas. Also, your skin will smell like a garden, which is a nice post-skincare treat.

jurlique skin balancing face oil


Jurlique Skin Balancing Face Oil

The spec: It might seem counterintuitive to apply an oil to oily skin, but it’s actually the best way to stop skin from over-producing excess oil. All 18 of the botanical ingredients are highly active and work together to restore skin to have a healthy, balanced state.

I love it because: It leaves way less of a sticky residue than most face oils (you just have to work to massage it in there), thanks to the high-quality ingredients. I gravitate towards this when I want something really classic and simple.

oskia micro exfoliating balm


Oskia Micro Exfoliating Balm

The spec: This is the ultimate upgrade from your standard supermarket facial scrub – by combining the benefits of both physical and chemical exfoliation with a nourishing base, it’s basically a 3-in-1 deal resulting in brighter, softer, healthier skin.

I love it because: Unlike harsh scrubs, the grain is really fine and gentle, and it melts beautifully so you get a hit of moisture without the residue. Use it regularly for a couple of days, and you’ll really notice your skin improve!

antipodes kiwi seed oil


Antipodes Kiwi Seed Oil Eye Cream

The spec: Packed with fatty acids, omegas, and vitamins, this eye cream is great for damaged tissue that needs repairing. Vitamin C tackles issues with dark circles whilst carrot seed oil and aloe gel hydrate delicate skin.

I love it because: Finding an eye cream that actually works is no easy feat, but this one is genius  -especially if you don’t like anything too heavy. It’s light, creamy, and packed with vitamins and antioxidants that are really anti-inflammatory.

skin&tonic steam clean


Skin & Tonic Steam Clean

The spec: This is just the trick for pulling all the dirt and grime out of skin after a long day in the city. Thanks to its blend of botanical oils (including thistle, eucalyptus, and spearmint), it deeply cleanses skin, purifies pores, and polishes skin to leave it smooth and radiant.

I love it because: Skin & Tonic have built a cult following around this balm – and it’s easy to see why – applying it feels like the ultimate luxury – anytime your skin looks dull or tired, use this and wake up to a complexion that looks noticeably brighter.

mabel & meg serum


Mabel + Meg Lumilixir

The spec: This serum exploded to cult Instagram status earlier in the year – but don’t worry, the hype is well-deserved. So simple that it only contains five ingredients (hyaluronic acid and vitamin C star), this is no multi-purpose serum – and that’s the best thing about it.

I love it because: The hype is real. This serum is oil-free and even works great under makeup. It’s a great, fast-acting product that hydrates and brightens in a beautiful, easy way, but the real results come with long-term use – even the most enduring scars will fade.