6 Skincare Products You Should Keep In Your Fridge

If you ask any beauty lover what’s inside their fridge, you’re more likely to get ‘gua sha and eye cream’ as an answer than ‘milk and cheese’. But skincare and savvy makeup lovers need no more to stash their rose quartz roller and sheet masks in between the hummus and eggs because Makeup Fridge are here to keep all your serums, masks, and tools cool and fresh.

Makeup Fridge’s mini fridge is the perfect solution to an annoyance every skincare enthusiast knows: having to dash to the kitchen mid pamper session to grab all your chilled products. The chic fridges are designed to store all your beauty faves right where you need them for pure self-care convenience. The environmentally friendly, low energy Makeup Fridges have a temperature range of 4°C to 62°C, making them perfect for warming towels and eye masks too!

If you’re a skincare fridge first-timer, you might be wondering whether it’s necessary to refrigerate your beauty essentials. While it may not be a crucial part of your skincare regime, the benefits of keeping certain products cool are endless. While the most obvious might be that it offers a refreshing and soothing sensation, it also does wonders for our skin. Chilled products not only stay fresher for longer, keeping those active ingredients in prime condition to treat our skin, but the cooling sensation also offers relief from skin concerns such as redness and irritation, while depuffing our complexion. To boost your beauty routine further, you can even store certain beauty tools such as ice rollers in the fridge before using. The exposure of your skin to cold temperatures is known as skin icing, a form of cryotherapy that can help to soothe redness, boost exfoliation, and control blemishes for the ultimate glassy skin finish. 

Ready to cool up your kit? We’ve compiled a list of the skincare products you should keep in your fridge to keep your base looking its best. 

1. Face tools

The one way to make your facial roller or gua sha even more soothing on the skin is by storing them in your makeup fridge. Facial tools are designed to stimulate circulation, help to drain unwanted toxins, and aid with the absorption of serums and moisturisers, but they’re also really great at depuffing and cooling the skin after a long day of frowning. The cool, smooth texture on the skin is the ultimate at-home spa method for stressed complexions and minds.

The best face tools:

2. Sheet masks

Whether it’s a clammy summer’s day or a hungover Sunday, there is no skin that a cool sheet mask can’t soothe. Sheet masks are the perfect quick fix for skin in need of a refresh and boost of hydration but storing them in your makeup fridge can help to enhance the benefits of your mask. Storing brightening sheet masks in the fridge will keep them active and your skin calm.

The best sheet masks:

3. Face mists

A face mist is already our go-to for cooling, calming, and giving the skin an instant hydration hit, so imagine how glowy you’ll look and feel after a spirtz of your favourite chilled facial spray? The active ingredients in your spray will be working overdrive and your skin will be comforted and chilled. A win win situation.

The best face mists:

4. Gel moisturisers

While oil-based products and balms suffer in colder conditions, gel-textured and water-based products thrive. Offering a cooling hit of hydration, gel moisturisers work to nourish and soothe the skin. Keeping your gel moisturiser cool will ward off bacteria, prolong its shelf life, and provide your skin with a refreshing sensation that will help to reduce puffiness.

The best gel moisturisers

5. Eye products

Storing your eye products in your makeup fridge is the perfect remedy for tackling those late-night Netflix binge/early morning meeting puffy eyes. A cooling eye cream in the AM helps to constrict the blood vessels to reduce swelling and calm puffiness. Plus, the icy cold hit is an instant wake up when you’re feeling less than lively.

The best eye products:

6. Probiotic Skincare

Probiotic and prebiotic skincare are, not to gross you out, alive. They’re good bacteria that help our skin stay at optimal working condition and need a cool environment to stay alive. Keeping all your pre and probiotic creams, serums, and cleansers in your makeup fridge will help to extend the life of the bacteria and your products, and therefore keeping them working on your skin for longer.

The best probiotic skincare:

FYI: This article was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated.