The One Beauty Product You Need To Survive Summer

A question I get asked a lot is “But does setting spray actually work?”, inevitably followed up by “Well can’t I just carry on using hairspray instead?”. The answer to the second is a series of NSFW expletives, to the first, a resounding yes. 

There are so many things I love about summer – BBQs, balcony weather, short shorts, sandals – but what I don’t love? As temperatures rise, so does the chance of my makeup sliding off my face and disappearing before breakfast. Which is why I’m low-key obsessed with setting sprays – primer and powder are great and all, but this is the one beauty product that will keep your makeup from budging all day (and night) – regardless of how hot and sweaty you get. 

Granted, not all setting sprays are created equal, but Skindinavia’s Makeup Setting Spray is industry-renowned for being the best of the best – Urban Decay even commissioned them to create the formula for theirs. 


The secret to Skindinavia’s success? Temperature Control Technology. Yup, this is more than just a hydrating mist with a bunch of fancy silicones thrown in… Since normal skin temperature is 34 degrees, this means that moisture evaporates quickly, causing skin to dry out and makeup to fade, crack, and let oil through. 

Skindinavia’s patented technology slowly releases over 16 hours, meaning that skin retains moisture longer and heat evaporates slowly. This basically means that makeup stays at maximum coverage, colour doesn’t fade, and shine is prevented – your makeup will look as fresh throughout the day as it did immediately after application.

I first tried this over a 9 hour work day (with a hot public transport commute either side) and was so far, so impressed –  it kept everything locked in, but with a more natural and radiant pay off than a translucent powder. I then decided to see how it would hold up on holiday – five days in Barcelona’s 30+ degree heat… Not only did it prevent my foundation from melting, my blush from fading, and my eyeshadow from creasing, but it took me from hot and bothered to refreshed and serene in a matter of moments.

skindinavia setting spray

Needless to say, this microfine mist is heavier duty than you’d imagine – locking makeup in place and keeping skin fresh, but without looking or feeling heavy like a mattifying powder. Give your face a full mist or do as the pros do (soak your Beauty Blender/makeup brush before applying powder and press onto skin) for skin texture that is instantly elevated (and stays that way).