12 Skinfluencers You Should Be Following

You’ve probably ogled their #shelfies and read their serum reviews; but did you know the newest wave of beauty influencers are actually ‘skinfluencers’? Sharing the good, the bad and the ugly of the skincare world, these beauty gurus focus on gorgeous content combined with useful, truthful reviews – so before you hit ‘buy’, you need to give them a follow.


The age old question – what came first: ‘millennial pink’ or @bambidoesbeauty? Beauty Columnist Bambi provides in-depth skincare reviews (her fave products provide a dewy glow), with a girly twist.


Star’s Insta has a 90’s, retro vibe that we love – it could be all the sparkles, or the cute plastic trinkets she adorns her skincare pics with. Either way, we’re into it.


Gorgeous Sharmili combines makeup with memes – and truly, what else could you want? And while she sees the funny side of skincare, she has a militant approach to its benefits, Sharm won’t be swayed by pretty packaging – simply the best results possible.


Christina’s bath time masking photos are, quite simply, iconic. And frankly, if I’m taking skincare advice from someone, it’s got to be someone committed enough that they’ll mask on a plane, the subway. and even at the grocery store. Follow for allll the skincare fun.


Melanie from @overglowedit has a wow-worthy roster of all the hottest skincare and makeup products (jealous!), which she captures in a chic, romantic way, playing with lighting and cute props.


Enter Amelia’s monochromatic skincare world – and you’ll leave wanting everything she recommends.


Despite hailing from NYC, Sally radiates French-girl chic. The fun skincare and beauty page is a retro dreamscape, and with a bio like ‘spending my entire wallet on skincare and my entire time in the bathroom’, why wouldn’t you follow her?


No frills skincare is @_glowwyy’s thing – follow for gorgeous, minimalistic content, served with a side of candle envy.


After a lifetime of problematic skin, Carrie shares her acne journey over on her skinsta, giving detailed reviews about what works, and what’s merely pretty packaging.


Michelle’s colourful feed screams summer, but luckily her reviews are all year round. Follow for the  bright, fun side of skincare.


Skincaregoalsaf’ by name, ‘Skincaregoalsaf’ by nature. Funmi’s glow is all down to her daily routines, which she documents through cute videos and fun, informative stories.


Blanche’s motto is ‘so many products, not enough face’, and we can definitely relate. Her exxxxtra shelfies have us drooling over the ‘New In’ section.